Contently makes Content Marketing a Breeze

Content is King.

We’ve all heard the buzz words and read the trending articles, but what exactly does this mean? Particularly for small to medium sized businesses without access to Coke-Cola’s a-list contacts, or Prada’s huge budget.

Content is anything you share with your audience; from photos and videos, to blog posts and infographics, and everything in-between. It can be made available on your website, or via social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest. It’s value is based on the ability to engage your audience and capture their attention for a duration longer than the average web banner. It is also an effective way to spread brand recognition, as the content is often sharing-friendly.

Until today, content marketing has been considered time-consuming and labour intensive. Unless you already have an avid team of word scribbling, picture-snapping, video editing superstars in  your midst, many of these tasks require out-sourcing in order to yield quality results.

Introducing: Contently

One start-up, which was founded in 2010, aims to take the headache out of content creation by enabling anyone to become a quality content publisher. By  bringing together a pool of freelance writers – all of whom are vetted on their skills and expertise – with brands who wish to produce high-quality content, Contently offers a practical solution for content creation.

Their manifesto is simple: “Quality is King; Freelance is the Future; Anyone can be a Publisher.” They aim to put an end to exploitative content farms which offer value to no one, least of all the writers who waste their talent adding to the pile of largely ignored content.

What this means for small businesses…

For small businesses this could offer unparalleled access to top-notch writers in any discipline; freelancing makes the world that little bit smaller and brings world-wide talent closer to those who seek their skills.

As always, I’m on the waiting list to try it out, but for now we’ll have to make do with the screen shots available on Contently‘s website.

If top-notch organisation, clear processes and colour-coding are your thing, then Contently will not disappoint. The UI allows publishers to manage a busy editorial calendar, edit posts effortlessly, and manage a team of writers with ease. They’ll also take care of paying your writers directly so there is no need to  mess around with bank details and tax forms.

Would a platform like Contently persuade you to venture into content creation as part of your marketing strategy?