Content Types You Should be Using for Your Business

The types of content you use really make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business.

In the world of content marketing, there are so many types of content you can use to reach your market, drive traffic to your site and engage your readers. But, many businesses rely on online articles and blog posts as the main part of their content marketing plan. While these types should be included, they shouldn’t be the only kind of content you use.

When you use a few different types of content, you will be able to get your market’s attention and accomplish different things. For example, a blog post may help you announce a new product, but an infographic is better suited to helping you educate your market and build links.

Emails or newsletters.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you get more traffic and make more sales. Having a strategic plan in place that outlines how often you will email your market, targets groups within your list and sets messaging for your emails will help you see more results.

One great way to use email marketing is to send out monthly newsletters to your market that include business news, product information, discounts and links back to your website.


Yes, images can be used as part of a content marketing plan. Think infographics, pictures with words and shots of your products. Images are especially effective on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, but can also be used on other social media sites and your blog.

Pictures have a way of jumping out at a reader and make it possible for your brand to get noticed and say a lot in just a short amount of time. Remember though, that images don’t necessarily help with search engine optimisation efforts, so use text descriptions with pictures when possible and use alt tags when you post them to your site.

Videos and transcripts.

Videos are another type of content that can help you get your market’s attention. People like variety and videos are an easy way to add that to your blog or social media page. Videos also let your market see and hear from you, which can be very beneficial as you work to establish a brand, demonstrate products or spark engagement.

This is another piece of content that search engines can’t read, so if you want to see some SEO benefits, you’ll need to post a transcript of your video. You can also use descriptions and tags when you use YouTube to make it easier for your market to find your videos.

Ebooks, industry reports or other resources.

Providing ebooks, industry reports, how-to guides and other resources for your market can help you accomplish several different goals. With these offers you can drive traffic to your site, build your email list, increase social media shares and establish your business as an industry expert.

The key to using this kind of content successfully is creating something your market will find valuable. When your market sees that you are genuinely interested in helping your customers and that you are a reliable source for information, your brand will grow.

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