Content Overload: The Problem and The Solution

As you use content marketing, email marketing and even social media marketing, you run the risk of overwhelming your market with content. It’s easy to do, and you need to remember that you aren’t the only one trying to target your market with content.

Content overload is simply the idea that your audience is so overwhelmed with content that they stop paying attention to it, or even avoid it. They are constantly bombarded with marketing emails, promotional social media posts and online content, which become less effective as people ignore it.

The Problem

Besides the fact that you don’t want to become an annoyance to your market, there are a few more reasons content overload poses a problem for your business.

Your content is most effective when it is consumed by your market, which then becomes more aware of your brand and responds to your calls to action. However, when you overwhelm your market with content and people stop paying attention, your content becomes less and less effective.

Another problem with content overload is that it can actually damage your brand. You can easily begin to look spammy, appear too self-promotional or even make your market think you don’t care about your customers’ personal needs because you are too busy pushing out content.

The Solution

There are some ways you can avoid these problems and content overload to make sure your content is effective and supports your marketing efforts.

Have Something to Say

Every piece of content you produce should tell your market something. If you don’t have anything to say, but continually produce low-quality content, your market will start ignoring you. On the other hand, if you consistently produce high-quality content that always has clear value, your market will pay attention, follow you online and even look forward to your content.

Pace Yourself

One simple way to avoid content overload is to pace yourself. Don’t overwhelm your market with several pieces of content at once. Instead, spread things out and avoid becoming spammy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post to your blog, email your subscribers or share content on social media consistently.

It does mean you should find the right frequency that allows you to stay in touch with your market but doesn’t overwhelm your followers so people will listen to you and consume your content.

Use a Variety of Content Types and Distribution Channels

You can also use a variety of content types and distribution channels to reach different segments of your market or the same audience in different ways. For example, instead of overwhelming your email subscribers with too many messages, post some of your content to your blog and promote it through social media. This is another way to pace yourself while continuing to promote your business.

Choose carefully what kinds of content you use and choose mediums that lend themselves to your brand and messages. Then, make sure you use distribution channels, like different social media sites, email marketing, and your website, that will help you reach your market.

Content overload is a common problem, but it’s one your business can avoid. Use these tips to make sure you aren’t overwhelming your market and causing people to ignore you, rendering your marketing tactics less effective.