Content Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Consultant

Do I Really Need A Marketing Consultant?

Anyone can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and pull together some content to put onto a website. Give your ten-year-old daughter a computer, and she will type up a nice little description – but would it sell? Probably, not.

Not everyone is born to write content.
Granted, some people are better than others.
But, you can learn.

You know you need compelling content on your website to be competitive, but you don’t necessarily know how to connect with your customers. What encourages them to explore your site further? Hit that ‘buy now’ button, and return time and time again? Great content has that power.

Content Marketing Consultant writing about services.

Our consultants will:

  • Offer expert advice on creating a content strategy that educates and triggers action from your specific audience.
  • Offer support on content optimisation to improve your rankings in Google’s search results.

  • Share knowledge on writing content for many platforms (blogs, landing pages, social media, sales scripts, etc.)

Isn’t that why I have a marketing department?

Aka, won’t it cost a fortune? Not at all. This is the argument so many businesses have when it comes to consultancy. You’re the one with the story. You have the experience and knowledge of your service. You should be the one to sell it, not us.

A content marketing consultant should not be hired to write your marketing strategy. Your consultant is there to help you implement it effectively. At no point should they do the tasks for you.

Think of it like this. You may have a personal trainer. He doesn’t tell you to do anything you don’t already know. His job is to push you further than you would yourself. Consequently, you work hard and push more than you ever thought possible. That makes him worth his fee, which is the same for a content marketing consultant.

Our business is unique – can you help us?

In other words, we publish “unique content” and are proud of that. And, this is the case for *every* company.

A content marketing consultant will not take over. Instead, they will elevate your strategy – here’s how:

1) Make some dollar:

No one wants to hand over power to an external company if they can help it, especially when practices are already in place. The great thing about a content marketing consultant is that they will have worked with thousands of companies to create great content. They know what gets the sale. And that’s your end goal, are we right?

2) Get a new perspective:

You are bringing in someone who doesn’t know your business. And that’s supposed to be a good thing? Yes, actually. They are looking at your content for the first time in the same way a customer would. Sometimes a second option is all it takes.

3) Spend less:

Content marketing consultants are cost effective. You may not have the funds to employ a team of writers, editors and designers, but you don’t have to. With the help of a content consultant, you get all the information you need from one source.

Content marketing experts talking.
A content marketing consultant typing an email.
Bigfoot Digital, Content Marketing Consultant Brochure.

What makes a consultant so affordable is that you only pay when you need their support. While a full-time member of staff would require you to pay them every day no matter what the outcome, a consultant is paid on an hourly basis. Need him for 20 hours this week? Pay for twenty hours of work. Don’t need him at all the next? Don’t pay a penny. You will save a lot of money this way!

4) Strategic development:

You may be a half-decent writer (or have access to good writers), but content marketing is not just about typing up great content. Understandably, that is a significant part of it, but that’s not where the hard work stops. You need to plan for long term success. If you’re only planning one month, or even week, ahead, then you will fall behind. You clearly don’t have the spare time on your hands to manage your marketing. Hiring a content marketing consultant will ensure you meet those targets.

Hire the best content marketing consultant…

Write a better future for your company. Granted, that was cheesy!

Our content marketing consultants are specialists with backgrounds in Journalism, Animation, Graphic Design, Video Production and Marketing. They are incredibly well-educated and have experience writing content that converts clicks into loyal customers. Working with a professional SEO consultant for a limited period of time could be the answer you have been desperately looking for.

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