The Content Creation Formula you Should be Using

Your digital content creation can be an incredible sales tool.

The type of digital content creation and marketing you use and the specific messaging you include will depend on your business and audience. Your blog posts, online articles, infographics, videos and other pieces of content need to resonate with the people you are targeting.

But, there is one key formula you should be implementing no matter what kind of content marketing plan you are using. This formula can be altered and personalised for your business so you can more effectively reach your audience and get bigger results.

The Formula

The formula is simple: relate to your audience, describe a problem and then provide a solution. When you use this format, your audience can’t help but take notice and be interested in what you have to share. Then, when you offer a solution you are providing value that will keep your audience coming back.

Relate to your audience.

Your audience needs to be able to relate to your content from the very beginning. From the first paragraph of a blog post, title of an article or first few seconds of a video, people should know that the content relates to them and will be beneficial.

Do this by creating digital content that will be of interest to your audience and then using the right tone and style. Show people that you understand where they are coming from.

Describe a problem.

Now, describe a problem your market has. This can be as simple as needing product information or as complicated as not knowing how to use a service. You probably already have some idea of what your market struggles with because you as a business try to meet those needs.

Find ways to translate those needs into content, showing your audience you are there to fix the problem. Outlining a problem, even subtly, can tell people you understand their needs.

Provide a solution.

Now, provide a solution. The goal of all of your content should be to provide value and solve problems. You can do this by creating tutorials, lists, free samples or guides and even just offering advice.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to position yourself, your business or products, as the solution. Doing this will help you boost sales and establish yourself as an industry expert that people will want to come to.

How to Use the Digital Content Creation Formula

This formula should be used as part of your overall strategy and as a guide for each piece of content you produce. As you decide what kind of content to use and how to publish it, relate to your audience, define the problem and then solve it.

Then, when you create articles, videos, infographics, images, ebooks and any other kind of content, use this formula on a smaller scale as an outline for the piece. Remember that you may need to relate to a few different audiences and solve more than one problem. Set up a few formulas for your business and then use them as you create a content strategy and start producing content.

Digital content creation to encourage and entice your customers.

These simple steps will make your content more valuable and effective, benefitting your entire internet marketing plan. If you’re looking for a little extra help with your digital content creation or a digital marketing strategy, then you’ve found the right place!

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