Common YouTube Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Are you guilty of these common YouTube mistakes?

If you use video as part of your internet marketing strategy, there’s a good chance you post them on YouTube. With more than one billion unique visitors each month, according to the site, YouTube is one of the best places to use video content to reach your market.

However, when you post your videos, avoid these common YouTube mistakes so you can get the most out of the platform and make your videos even more effective.

Skipping video descriptions.

You may not realise just how important your video descriptions are. These descriptions help you tell your market something, but if they include keywords, they also make it easier for people to find your videos. When you upload videos, don’t skip the descriptions.

A good description will be thorough, keyword-rich and well-written. Keep in mind that users will have to click “show more” if your descriptions are long. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but keep your descriptions shorter if you want to avoid that.

Not setting up a channel.

Setting up a YouTube channel allows you to create a branded, centralised location for all of your videos. When users see your channel, they will know right away that it is an official page for your business. A channel also makes it much easier for your viewers to find your other videos, as they will all be in the same place.

Don’t forget to promote your channel! Use your website, printed marketing materials, blog and other social media accounts to tell people to subscribe to your channel for frequent updates.

Forgetting to link to your website.

Lots of businesses forget to link from their YouTube videos to their website. When you write your description, include a link back to your homepage, blog or any other page on your website which you would like to increase traffic to.

When you set up a channel, you can also link to your website from the top of your page. YouTube also allows you to link to other social media accounts, which is a great way to build your following on Facebook, Twitter or other sites.

Not using YouTube insights.

You wouldn’t ignore your website’s analytics, so why wouldn’t you use YouTube insights? When you create an account and channel, you will have access to YouTube’s insights dashboard, which provides information like earnings, traffic sources, engagement and so much more.

This information can help you understand how your videos are performing and whether or not they are effectively helping you reach your market. It can also help you find ways to make better videos and use YouTube more successfully, as you’ll be able to see how your viewers respond to different kinds of content.

Avoid these common YouTube mistakes for a more successful channel.

Whenever you post videos, avoid making these common YouTube mistakes. When you use the site to its fullest potential, your marketing plan will be more successful and you’ll be able to boost your site’s traffic, increase sales and even build your online audience so you can reach more people.

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