The Most Common Link Building Tactics and How to Use Them

Moz has published its annual link building survey and the findings reveal a lot about how businesses use link building as part of their search engine optimisation campaigns. While industry standards have changed and things that were once considered good practice are now discouraged by Google, link building is still a legitimate SEO and Internet marketing strategy.

The study analysed responses from consultants, agencies, SEO and digital marketing business owners, other business owners and SEO managers. The results are compiled into an infographic so you can easily see what experts think about current link building strategies.

The link building tactics used most by the survey respondents can inspire you to find ways to enhance your own SEO campaigns.

Numbers represent votes by survey participants. Image source.

Content and Outreach

Content marketing and SEO can work hand-in-hand to help you promote your business. Start with high-quality content and then make sure it is optimised with the correct keywords and links to your website.

Your content marketing plan should use content that provides value to your market, establishes your business as an industry expert and encourages people to take action. Use marketing channels, like social media, blogs, and popular websites, to make sure your market sees your content.

Infographic Promotion

Infographics allow you to convey a lot of information very easily. They are interesting to look at, visually attractive and break lots of information into smaller pieces that are easier and faster to take in.

To use infographics for SEO purposes, create some code your blog visitors and social media followers can use to embed the image onto their own website. This code should include a link back to your website.

The best infographics are professionally designed, include interesting information and are on topics that interest their target market.

Guest Blog Posts

Google has recently cracked down on low quality and illegitimate guest blogging. But, when done the right way, guest blogging can be an excellent form of link building. Only post content on high-quality sites that are reputable and don’t just exist to build links.

For optimal results, look for blogs that have lots of readers and attract your target market. Make sure the content you post provides value to the audience and also helps you raise awareness of your brand and promote your business.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are collections of links to articles and pieces of content that are all related. They aim to help people solve problems, offer comprehensive information and provide value. You can use resource pages on your own site and include content from third-party sources as well as a few links to your own content.

You can also create quality content and become a popular industry resource so that others will be more likely to include you on their resource pages.

Some of the less common tactics mentioned in the survey include:

  • Competitions and Giveaways
  • Local Citations and Business Directories
  • Forum Profile Links
  • Link Wheels
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Web Directories
  • Press Release Submissions
  • Blog Networks
  • Paid Links

Any kind of tactic you use should aim to provide value, be professional and use high standards. Link building should play a part in your SEO campaigns and these commonly used tactics could help your business gain higher rankings.