Combine the Power of Images with Content Marketing

Image courtesy of Mark J P/Flickr.

There’s something about a picture that allows you to capture your market’s attention, convey emotion, illustrate an idea and brand your business. Images can be a powerful part of your content marketing campaign if you know how to use them the right way.

Use Branded, Professional Images

First, always use images that reflect your brand. When the pictures you use in your content marketing plans flow with the rest of your branded material, your market will be able to identify your content and you will even strengthen your brand and reputation.

Stick with professional images. They can still be casual or fun, but for the most part, they should be professional. Images with good lighting and interesting angles and that have a high resolution speak to your level of expertise. There are times you can use amateur photos, which we’ll talk about later.

Make Images Educational Tools

Images can be used to educate your market. Think about things you want to inform your market about, like how to use your product, statistics, your company’s history, or product sales, and then find ways to use images to explain the concepts.

Infographics, illustrated guides and close-up images that label features are all great for educating your market.

Complement other Forms of Content

Images are commonly used to complement other forms of content. Interesting and educational pictures can bring blog posts, articles, ebooks, press releases, charts and guides to a new level. They help to break up large sections of text, capture your market’s attention and set the tone and mood for your content.

Think creatively when you choose images to accompany your content so they become more than a placeholder, but an essential part of the content. They should add something to the piece and help you reach your goals.

Let Pictures Stand Alone

But, pictures can also be compelling enough to stand alone. Infographics commonly stand alone, but other images can too. The key to using pictures as part of your content marketing plan is to make sure they will help you reach your desired outcome.

Pictures with labels or steps can help you teach your market about your products or guide them through using your service. Images with text can do anything from inspire your market to help people understand your mission and brand.

In some cases, a picture doesn’t need very much text, or even none at all. Pictures of your products, a new location, people using your services, staff members in action and events tell a story all on their own and can be a powerful part of your content marketing strategy.

Crowdsource Images

Getting your audience involved through pictures is a great way to engage with your market and get people talking about your brand, especially on social media. Hosting photo contests, encouraging people to submit photos of them using your products and collecting guest images from events are great ways to do this.

Using pictures as part of your content marketing plans is a great way to take things to the next level, capture interest, communicate with your market in a new way and interact with your customers.