Clickfunnels Marketplace: Make Money Using The Click Funnels Marketplace!

Make Money Using The Click Funnels Marketplace!

You know how much hard work goes into creating content, don’t you? Unless you’re a creative type with skills in digital design (or have someone in-house pushing all the right buttons for you!), then you are one step behind the competition.

The Clickfunnels marketplace will help you out no end. It was created shortly after Clickfunnels and designed to give users a place to buy and sell successful funnel templates. The Clickfunnels community consists of entrepreneurs who have made their millions by way of funnel marketing promotion. Using these funnel templates can give you peace of mind that your campaign will be a success.

There are many ways you can benefit from using the Clickfunnels marketplace to scale your marketing.

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What does the marketplace have to offer?

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Access To Industry-Specific Funnel Templates

Yes, first, it will give you access to done-for-you funnel templates proven to deliver high conversion rates. If you’re not much of a designer, programmer, coder or content marketer, these Clickfunnel templates will make life easy for you.

Within the Clickfunnels marketplace, you have the option to browse available funnels via category (Squeeze Page, Product Launch, Sales Pages, Order Forms, etc.) to ensure you get the best fit for your business.

As you will know, if you’ve swotted up on how to create a marketing funnel, the purpose of your first landing page is to capture data and build brand trust. You don’t want to go in with a hard sell right away. Your audience will run a mile!

Typically, people need to see your brand mentioned seven times before committing to a purchase. For that reason, your first page needs to lead with a freebie or irresistible offer. Basically, something to gain their trust and build up a relationship before asking them to part with their hard-earned cash. This is called a squeeze page.

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From there, you can set up email autoresponders that offer increased value and generate a conversation with prospective customers. Once you’re confident they are ready to take the next step in their buying journey with you, it’s on to the sales page. This is the first point in your funnel where you’ll request payment from your audience.

Your sales page will lead with one primary product and include add-ons to entice your audience further. Let’s say you’re selling a mobile phone. You’ll be competing with every retailer under the sun to offer the best price. What happens is your competitor will reduce their price point, then you will follow suit… until you are no longer making a profit. That’s not a good sales strategy.

What makes sense is to bundle together an ‘offer,’ including multiple products to increase the perceived value in the eyes of your customer. You go from battling against your competitors on the price of a phone to bolting on a screen protector, guide to the best apps in 2019, charger, top of the range earphones, etc. Now your customers are getting so much more for their money. But remember, to keep production costs low so only offer what you can afford to give away.

You can always go back to your customers once they have purchased from you with a one time offer. It’s important to keep in constant contact with your customers to ensure they remain loyal to your brand.

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Sell Your Most Successful Funnels

Got to grips with this whole funnel building malarky? Confident in your creations? It’s possible for you to sell your most effective funnels. Just like others in the Clickfunnels community, you can sell your funnels to newbies looking for inspiration. The Clickfunnels marketplace is completely open to any business owner to share their most popular funnels with the rest of the market.

Though, this is just one of the many ways you can make money using the Clickfunnels software. All members have access to an incredible Clickfunnels affiliate program offering a 40% commission for any members that successfully promote Clickfunnels. Exciting, right?

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Plug Your Business And Services/Products

Lastly, if you are a Clickfunnels Certified Partner, then you have the option to plug your business directly using the Clickfunnels marketplace. In this section, you can include a company logo, description, profile picture, website link, phone number, and email address. It’s like having your LinkedIn profile promoted in front of a marketplace of millions. It could take months, even years, to build up that kind of following on social media. Using the Clickfunnels marketplace, it’s done for you.

Got questions about the Clickfunnels marketplace?

So, there you have the benefits of the Clickfunnels marketplace and how to leverage them to take your business to the next level.

If you have not yet signed up to Clickfunnels, then we recommend doing so ASAP. It’s an incredible marketing tool that gives you access to powerful training and resources that will help you make a ton of money.

Better still, you can sign up today without paying a penny. The 14-Day Clickfunnels Trial gives you access to all of the above, totally free. You can test everything out for yourself before committing to paying a small fee for the full package.

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Disclaimer: We are users and big fans of the Clickfunnels marketplace, hence we have used some affiliate links in this post, which, if used, send a small amount of commission our way.