Clickfunnels CRM: Is Clickfunnels A CRM?

Clickfunnels CRM

Is Clickfunnels A CRM?

Both marketing automation and CRM’s are designed to support your company, contacts and sales, but where does one start and the other stop? Introducing a marketing guide for the confused company owner – we’ve got your back!

The processes of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) often overlap – they both focus on the collection of customer data, so we can understand where the uncertainty comes in.

As a marketer, you need to collect data to ensure you are continually working towards a more successful marketing campaign. After all, the only way to increase your sales is to get on the same wavelength as your customers. What are their emotional triggers/pain points? What gets them excited? What keeps them awake at night? Get it right, and you can offer them content better placed to meet their needs.

However, you are not alone.

People using the Clickfunnels CRM.

Data collection plays a vital role in the department of sales, too. In most companies, marketers won’t man the phones. They are otherwise occupied coming up with creative campaigns that capture the attention of potential buyers. Their job is not to qualify prospects and to close sales. Success is measured by way of progressive marketing (opt-ins, impressions, engagement, click-throughs, etc.)

People who respond with the right level of interest are handed over to the sales team, and people that don’t are kept in the system for a daily dose of “remarketing.” Outbound marketing is about the continuation of communication with prospective buyers. Whereas, the sales process is concerned with the short-term goal of converting clicks into customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about building a relationship with customers and prospective ones. It’s not about closing sales to ramp up the numbers. It looks at the entire buying cycle as a whole. Starting with the first interaction with your brand, looking at their decisions along the way, and ending with them becoming a loyal customer.

Every marketing automation starts with a basic landing page. Not a website… a landing page. Think about it this way; your website is awesome at generating organic leads from those searching Google. However, there is a significant difference between a website and a landing page:

  • A website has many distractions that cause your visitors to lose sight of what they came for in the first place. Your service page may link out to a blog post or an option to get in touch, for example.
  • A landing page has one message, one offer and ONE opportunity to take action. Visitors either make a purchase, or they leave.

As you can imagine, the conversion rate on landing pages is significantly higher, so it’s worth the effort of setting them up for your business. To achieve the best results online, you’ll need both a website and a landing page.

How do I set up a landing page?

But, I’m not a creative designer.

How do I design landing pages that look incredible while providing a clear and consistent message for the customer?

Turn to Clickfunnels CRM, the most comprehensive landing page builder in existence.

The Clickfunnels CRM allows you to do far more than automate the odd email here are there. It gives you everything you need to market, promote and sell your products online.

The platform gives you access to multi-million dollar sales funnels that convert like crazy! The templates are available to all customers along with the original content, images, videos and layout, so you are all set for success.

Here’s an example of a squeeze page built using the Clickfunnels CRM:

Marketing funnel to sell ebook.

This page has an incredible conversion rate of 84%!

The page hooks readers with the image of the book wrapped in a chain and padlock giving the impression that it contains valuable information.

Next up is the story, “99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business… And Change Your Life.” This sentence is enough to spark interest from readers and encourage them to opt-in. As the old saying goes “curiosity kills the cat.”

Once people start to engage with your squeeze page, it’s time to step things up a little. They trust you, and are, therefore, more likely to purchase from you. It’s time to present them with an offer including your most popular products and services. Creating an offer bundle, with multiple items, increases the perceived value. You are giving customers a lot of value while keeping the production costs low. In other words, you are being smart/sneaky!

Using the Clickfunnels CRM, you can automate follow up emails and keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis. This is useful to your sales team, too. They can track sales that come directly from your marketing campaigns.

What’s more, Clickfunnels CRM offers a 14-Day Free Trial meaning you can try before you buy. We’d recommend giving it a go to ensure you fully get to grips with the power of this platform for yourself.

What is Sales CRM:

Hold on a minute… if Clickfunnels is a CRM, can it be used for sales? While Clickfunnels is a great platform for both a marketer and sales rep alike, their interests will be divided. The marketer’s motives will be almost entirely focused on leads. In contrast, a sales rep will be counting up the cash. The sales team are a completely different animal to the marketers, and often can disagree on the basic principles of a campaign.

A sales CRM must support the following business processes:

    • Lead qualification
    • Ongoing account management
    • Order confirmation and security
    • Renewals and repeat orders

It is not uncommon for a complex CRM to be integrated into the areas of ecommerce and customers service. In these areas, the focus will be sales over the phone and communication. Every touch point with a potential customer will need to be logged into the CRM system to ensure the best results are given. It may include finer details, such as shipping times, distribution dates, etc.

Obviously, there is a link between marketing automation and CRM, which connects only when a lead is ready to be qualified. Those that are not at this stage will be fed back into the marketing automation funnel for further targeting.

So, we’re all clear.

While marketing automation and CRM’s both monitor customer behaviour, they are two different systems.

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