Cinematic Pins and New Promoted Pin Services are Coming to Pinterest

Pinterest has grown extremely fast, attracting a huge user base and businesses that want to promote their content through visually interesting posts. Recently, Pinterest announced a new type of Promoted Pin, called Cinematic Pins, which will capture users’ attention and help brands tell their stories. It has also launched a few new services to help businesses better promote their content.

What are Cinematic Pins?

Just as the name suggests, Cinematic Pins are pins that include video and that businesses can target according to users’ life stages, interests and other information. These pins are motion-based, and as a user scrolls through the feed, the images move. When the user stops scrolling, the images stop moving.

As described by Pinterest, “Cinematic Pins are our newest, most beautiful type of Promoted Pin. Controlled through scrolling, these motion-based Pins are true thumb-stoppers.”

You can see a video of Cinematic Pins in action on Pinterest’s official announcement.

Why Cinematic Pins?

In its announcement, Pinterest explained that it has found people primarily use the site to discover new things, save information and plan activities. The company explains that Promoted Pins are designed to stand out as users become aware of businesses, intend to act or buy something and then finally, follow through by taking action.

Cinematic Pins can help businesses raise brand awareness and stand out on the social media site, getting attention and gaining followers, site visitors and customers.

Can my Business use Cinematic Pins?

Some major brands, including Gap Inc., L’Oreal USA, Nestle, Unilever, and Visa Checkout, among others, are already using Cinematic Pins.

Cinematic Pins will become available to businesses in the United States this summer. While Pinterest hasn’t announced if the feature will become available to businesses around the world, if Cinematic Pins prove successful, they may become available everywhere.

How can Businesses take Action?

Until Cinematic Pins are available to your business, there are things you can do to enhance your Pinterest marketing plan. First, you should recognise that depending on your business and audience, you may be competing for users’ attention with brands that are using Cinematic Pins.

Knowing this, you’ll need to make sure your pins are visually interesting, illustrate value and are attractive enough that your market will want to stop scrolling so you can raise brand awareness.

What are the other New Services?

Pinterest is also offering a few new services to help businesses use Promoted Pins more effectively.

The first is called the Pin Factory, a service that will create images and descriptions for promoted pins for your business. This is a good solution for businesses that aren’t sure how to get started or need help producing posts to promote.

Pinterest also has a new program called Marketing Developer Partners, which helps businesses publish their content to Pinterest, promoting their brand, content, products and services.

Promoted Pins can help your business stand out and help you grow your Pinterest audience, so you can make the site a more effective part of your social media marketing plan, and these newest features will give businesses even more opportunities.