Choosing an SEO agency

You’ve got your website set up, your social media profiles are good to go, you’ve perfected your e-mail signature –  your company’s online profile is flawless. Now you just need reach your customers.

Hiring a good SEO agency is essential to the success of your website; you wouldn’t open a restaurant, not put up a sign, turn all the lights off, and pretend you’re not open, would you? Not hiring someone to optimise your site for search engines is just as bad.

Here are some top tips for navigating the world of SEO agencies.

  • You don’t have to be an expert, but have a good idea of the basics and some of the lingo perfected before you venture into the world of SEO agencies. While most will be happy to guide you through the basics, you don’t want to get caught with an unscrupulous agency who will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.
  • Know the difference between white hat and black hat techniques; while black hat may get you the results you want, they can also get your site black listed, so it really isn’t worth the risk.
  • Be wary of any company guaranteeing a #1 page rank – check their previous clients, check which keywords they optimised, and finally check their website page rank. If they can’t optimise their own site, don’t expect them to be able to optimise yours.
  • Be wary of the price being too high or too low; high does not guarantee good results, but when it comes to the lower end of the price bracket, you generally get what you pay for.
  • When you first start looking you may find that many companies are freelancers working from home; decide if you want this, or if you’d prefer an agency with premises that you can visit. This all depends on how you prefer to work; in person, or via the phone/ e-mail.
  • And finally, be realistic about your expectations. Search engine optimisation is not somethig that can be achieved over night, so try to establish a good relationship with your chosen SEO agency, you may need them again in the future.