A Checklist for Quality Content for SEO and Digital Marketing

Image courtesy of Oliver Tacke/Flickr.

You probably hear all the time how important it is that you use quality content for your search engine optimisation plans, digital marketing and content marketing. You know how important it is that your content reflects your brand and helps you promote your products and services. But, do you know how to create quality content?

Your content should be uniquely branded and fit with your strategic plan. But, there are some things all quality content has in common and when you use those things as a checklist, you can make sure you are producing the best content possible.

Clear Purpose

Don’t create content just for the sake of creating it. Link farms and spammy content won’t get you anywhere, and the first step to creating effective content is establishing a purpose. The purpose should define what the content is supposed to do and where it fits into an overall marketing strategy.

Error Free

Quality content can’t be riddled with errors. Everything you produce and publish should be carefully proofread and edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and professionalism. Basic errors tell your market you aren’t reliable and that your business doesn’t offer top-notch products. On the other hand, professional content that is well written and flows well tells people your business is high quality and gives your market a better experience.

The Correct Tone

To help you reach your goals, your content should have the right tone for your brand, its purpose and the publishing platform. The tone could be serious, casual, entertaining, fresh, or business-like, among other characteristics. Choose the tone that fits your goals and the piece and then make sure it is used to its fullest potential.

Natural Links and Keywords

Your content should be optimised for search engines, but you should not sacrifice readability and quality to accomplish this. Strategically choose the links and keywords you want to use and then make sure they are used naturally throughout the piece. Well-written content that is on-topic should include keywords naturally, so try producing content for people first and then adding links to optimise it.

Targeted at the Right Audience

Who can best help you accomplish your goals? All of your content should be carefully targeted for the market that can help you succeed. For example, sales content should be targeted toward potential customers. This is a simple concept but it’s a very important one. The style and information you use should be appropriate for the audience you want to reach. Then, be sure to publish the content in a place where this market will see it.

Appropriate Calls to Action

If your content needs a call to action, check to make sure it is easy to recognise, clear and direct. The call to action should be appropriate for the targeted audience and the piece’s purpose, so the entire piece will bring results. The call to action should also be easy to respond to so people will follow through.

Creating quality content for your business is absolutely essential to success when it comes to SEO, digital marketing and content marketing. Without quality content, your strategies will lack a foundation and your tactics won’t help you reach your goals.