Changes to Facebook Checkin

If you’re a Facebook page owner, don’t be alarmed if you see your Facebook Checkin numbers plummet in the next couple of days – this isn’t a rash spout of people taking back their last visit – it’s simply Facebook making changes to the way they count Checkins.

Their intention is to give you a more accurate picture of how people visit your business, which can only be a good thing, so don’t fret about the numbers. Once the new changes take effect, multiple checkins within a 12 hour period will be counted as one checkin. Also, if a person checks in, uploads 20 photos, and tags 6 friends in these photos, that will count as 7 check ins; the individual plus their 6 friends.

In terms of getting an accurate picture of how people visit your business, these changes are great, but you may feel disheartened that the numbers that are publicly visible on your page will go down.

So how can you boost these numbers?

Earlier this month Facebook announced that they would be opening new APIs (Application Programming Interface) which would allow Facebook to become the backbone of social checkins. Now, regardless of which app users are checking in with on Facebook, these will be published through Facebook. So now posts from Foodspotting, Gogobot, and Path will be counted in your Facebook page numbers.

With these changes in place it’s even easier for users to checkin to your business, so you’ll have to be sure you have a good presence on all platforms available.

You can encourage checkins by offering incentives for doing so; or even just by publicising that it’s possible to checkin to your Business, as your customers may not even be aware. Restaurants can make use of QR codes on the menu to facilitate checkins, or Gyms could offer incentives to frequent visitors. Rewards can be inexpensive, but are incredibly enticing to customers as they have to do very little to receive them.

How have the Facebook changes affected your numbers? And what are you doing to encourage your customers to Checkin?

via: Mashable & TechCrunch