Why User Experience Can Make or Break your Website


User experience, or UX, is crucial to online success – if your site takes ages to load, looks dated or is hard to navigate, users will give up or switch to a competitor. Holiday shopping is no longer a marathon, but a sprint – instead of traipsing around centres and highstreets, most consumers [...]

Why aren’t your adverts achieving?

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Adverts are the most well-known and effective way to promote your business. As a business owner, you may be spending more than you’d to like on adverts… and 50% of the time they aren’t bringing in the reach you’d like. So, why aren’t your ads working out? It’s simple- Google doesn’t like them. Over [...]

Bigfoot Digital- A Work Experience Students Perspective

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After months of anticipation, it was time to face the real world and start a work experience programme- a programme that is meant to build up confidence and prepare teenagers for their future. I arrived at the front of the building with sweating palms and a racing heart. It was the first day of [...]

A Day in the Life of a Digital Account Manager

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When it comes to account management, every day is different. Whether you’re writing a proposal for a client, holding a meeting, sending reports or attending network events, you can guarantee that every day will present a fresh challenge. To help our clients (and those reading this article) understand what makes up our growing team [...]

The Changing Face of SEO – Past, Present and Future

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There have been so many changes to Google’s operating process over the years, that the whole Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry has been shaken up – and those practised in the formally dark art are no longer found. Once trusted techniques used to increase search engine rankings will now not work – in fact, they [...]

4 Tips to Make your Content Stand out in the Crowd

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Online marketing is one of the biggest platforms of marketing in the world right now. Therefore, the competition between different marketers is intense. One of the greatest struggles content marketers face is creating engaging content to allow them to stand out from the rest and make strong connections with their audiences. Marketers have acknowledged [...]