Spooky SEO Tips: Ideas for Halloween Marketing

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Spooky SEO Tips: Ways to market your business for Halloween It’s October and that means people are hitting the shops, buying costumes and stocking up on sweets. Halloween has grown in popularity over the last few decades and is now a massive commercial and fun festival that engages millions of people. We have [...]

This Week’s Technology News Update

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Siri's Search Engine Update Big changes in the Siri and iOS world this week, as Apple decides to ditch Bing in favour of Google for mobile. This technology news means if you ask Siri a question, or search something on iOS or Spotlight, Google will provide the answer. The move is supposed [...]

Facebook Marketing Statistics Your Brand Just Can’t Ignore

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Here we share some important Facebook Marketing Statistics your brand simply can’t ignore to help guide your social media marketing strategy. The Bigfoot Digital social media team has been managing social accounts for a number of clients for many years, reaching out to a variety of audiences with creative and engaging content that [...]

5-Step Guide to Digital and Social Media Marketing Success!

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So, you want to create a digital and social media marketing strategy? Piece of cake. It’s just posting on social media every other day, right? Many people consider social media marketing to be a simple task with a quick update on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, in practice, it’s far more complicated. It [...]

What The Great British Bake Off Has Taught Us About Digital Marketing!

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Bake off is back! The shows first episode on Channel 4 launched last night as the nation tuned in to see if the new presenters would rise to the occasion. While viewers stand divided on the sudden change in production, we personally love the show, and the marketing that goes along with it. “What [...]

Digital Marketing Trends of 2017- How are they impacting your business?

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The digital marketing world is forever altering. We’ve seen it change for better and for worse over the past decade and businesses can find this grueling to sustain. It can become difficult to discover what trends are anticipated and how to take advantage of these to optimise your business. We're over halfway through the [...]

5 law firms who have got social media spot on!

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Social media can do wonders for your brand if the product you’re selling lends itself to advertising, such as a hair and beauty range. The owners will put money behind paid promotion including reaction posts, and campaigns finished with stunning visuals. It does, however, get more complicated when trying to promote a service that isn’t [...]

Should you be using emojis to market your business?

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How a correctly placed emoji can really improve your audience engagement. Grab your phone, scroll through your text messages. Can you spot the emojis? Love them or hate them, you certainly can’t escape them. They are quickly entering the world of marketing – and can be found in email subject lines and social media [...]

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Executive

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Ready for our final ‘A Day in the Life of’ blog? (We’ll link the others below, so keep reading for those). Today we find out what Abbey, our Social Media Executive, gets up to at Bigfoot Digital. “You spend the majority – maybe all – of your day hopping from clients’ social media accounts, checking [...]

Quick Guide to Getting Started on Facebook

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Facebook is the perfect marketing platform. With 1.79 billion active users monthly, Facebook has created a vibrant, exciting community, making it the key network to engage with a wide and diverse audience. In this article, we will explain key features of Facebook and how to get started on this platform. One of the most important [...]