Conversion Rate Optimisation: Why Is My Website Not Converting?

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“Why is my website not converting?” “... what is conversion rate optimisation?” We hear these questions all the time. You are not alone. Conversions are essential to the success of your website. Even if you have ample traffic to your website generated through social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, or simply brand awareness, [...]

Google Algorithm Updates: Everything You Need To Know!


Google algorithm updates shape the complete process of search engine optimisation. And, don’t we know it. How often have you heard digital marketers mention the latest Google algorithm updates? How many times have you read an article that freaks you out about Google algorithm updates, and how many times have you had to [...]

The A-Z Of Digital Marketing: How To Thrive Online (Part One!)


There's so much to consider when you're looking to grab that spot on Google you've had your eye on for a while, or to grow your customer base online. How can you up your Digital Marketing game? Your business is important, and so is it's online presence. Otherwise, why would it be a business [...]

Are SEO Companies Worth The Money? The Honest Truth!


Business owners across world are still asking “Is SEO worth the money?” And, more specifically, “Are SEO companies worth the money?” We know what you’re thinking. Bigfoot Digital, you’re a digital marketing agency, right? There’s no way you’ll say a bad word about search engine optimisation. Well, in this blog post, we may shock [...]

Why Digital Marketing is Better Than Traditional Marketing

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The age of Digital Marketing is truly upon us, while traditional methods are fading away. Traditional Marketing is a long-standing marketing method that we are all accustomed to and probably view almost every day. However, each day, the world becomes more digital - we do most of our banking online, view our news on our [...]