Ecommerce SEO: How To Optimise Your Product Pages

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Master the art of ecommerce SEO for a higher conversion rate! It goes without saying, your ecommerce product pages are essential for boosting sales and in consequence, making money. A potential customer may perform a search for an item you stock. However, if that page is not optimised correctly, you may not appear in [...]

Google Analytics Definitions: How To Use Google Analytics!


Google Analytics definitions that business owners need to know for higher rankings! Before you dive deep into the diverse reporting data within Google Analytics, you need to understand its vocabulary. Do you recognise these Google Analytics definitions? Sessions, bounce rate, impressions and hits. What about the difference between CTR and CPC? It’s enough [...]

The Ultimate Website Marketing Strategy For Increased Conversions!


Does your business have an online presence? If so, you need a website marketing strategy! If like us, you are website marketing nerds, then you will be busy planning and revising your strategies for the month ahead. The internet has massively changed the way businesses promote their brands as increasing numbers of customers [...]

Best SEO Company – Tips On Making the Right Choice For Your Business!


When it comes to finding the best SEO company for you, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here we share the ‘right’ way… With an incredible amount of spam and dishonest companies online, who sell false promises of an overnight rankings boost, it can be downright impossible to select [...]

Beginners Guide to SEO: Why is SEO Important For Online Sales?


SEO - you know it’s important. But, do you actually know how to rank higher in search engines? In our beginner's guide to SEO, we cover everything you need to know. We are recognised as experts in all things SEO. Sure, we’re not alone in our industry. There are others who claim to [...]

Blog SEO: How to Optimise Blog Posts for Great Results!


What exactly is “blog SEO,” and how can it increase my online visibility? Search engine optimisation gets a bad rap among bloggers. And, we can admit, it’s pretty obvious why. On the face of things, blogging is a personal online space for people to share their most intimate thoughts and experiences. There’s a [...]

5 Barber Shop Marketing Tips For Online Success!

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If there was ever a business reminiscent of the good old days, then it’s the local barber shop. It’s culture and nostalgia that made the humble barber shop the perfect place for male bonding. Men simply recognised this as the go-to place for a chop and chat with friends. This was enough to bring [...]

The A-Z Of Digital Marketing: How To Thrive Online (Part Two!)


Are you clued up when it comes to Digital Marketing? Previously in our A-Z list of all things Digital Marketing Part One, we covered all things from your audience to Link Building, why all these things are crucial when it comes to growing your visibility online and drawing customers to you. Digital Marketing is [...]

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Why Is My Website Not Converting?

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“Why is my website not converting?” “... what is conversion rate optimisation?” We hear these questions all the time. You are not alone. Conversions are essential to the success of your website. Even if you have ample traffic to your website generated through social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, or simply brand awareness, none [...]