Guest Post Guidelines: How To Get Published On Top Websites!


Looking for in-depth guest post guidelines that explain how to secure links on relevant, high-powered domains?Look no further. This is the post for you. This post aims to simplify the outreach process for those still trying to expand their digital visibility.If this sounds a lot like you, Bigfoot Digital is here to explain how to find [...]

SEO Consultancy Service: How To Find A Good SEO Consultant!

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Your search for a reliable SEO consultancy service? That ends today! Once upon a time, in the good old days, ranking at the top of Google was straightforward. Mention your keyword over and over again and hey-presto, you’ve only gone and done it. Hit position one with little work at all. Unfortunately, search engines [...]

SEO Trends for 2019: What You Need To Rank Your Business!


SEO trends for 2019 that you can put into practice immediately It’s no secret that Google loves to shake things up. In any given year, Google will make over 500 algorithm changes. SEO means optimising your website to appear higher in the search results. With so many considerations, it’s easy to miss something important. [...]

Ecommerce Keyword Research: How To Find Your Niche Market


When it comes to a successful e-commerce business, finding a niche and ranking highly for it is essential. No matter where you are in the world, with vast numbers of e-commerce websites out there, shopping online is more convenient than ever. To lift your business off the ground and set you apart from the [...]

Best Infographics: How To Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing


We are all bombarded with information everyday… walking down the street, watching TV and especially when mindlessly scrolling through our phones. This information overload has forced people to become more and more selective about the information that they take the time out of their busy lives to stop and acknowledge. Infographics provide a fun [...]

Do SSL Certificates Help Boost SEO Rankings?

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There are two types of marketers. Those who get stuck into the technical stuff, and those who don’t. If you fall into the first category, then you will already understand HTTPS. However, those in the second category may find it rather intimidating. It’s honestly not as techy as it sounds and can greatly improve [...]

Website Redesign: How To Upgrade Your Site Without Losing SEO

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A website redesign project is not a simple switch up and can be disastrous to your SEO, if not done right. Maybe you want to update to HTTPS, migrate to another CMS, or just modernise with a redesign. Whatever your strategy, you don’t want all those top rankings to go to pot. You’ve [...]

Best Website Design: The Benefits Of Investing In Website Design

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Boost your online ranking through an effective internet marketing strategy! With so many website design agencies out there, us being one of them, it can be hard to clearly see what the benefits of investing really are. In this article, we have brought you all you need to know, supported by all the facts [...]

Ecommerce SEO: How To Optimise Your Product Pages

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Master the art of ecommerce SEO for a higher conversion rate! It goes without saying, your ecommerce product pages are essential for boosting sales and in consequence, making money. A potential customer may perform a search for an item you stock. However, if that page is not optimised correctly, you may not appear in [...]

Google Analytics Definitions: How To Use Google Analytics!


Google Analytics definitions that business owners need to know for higher rankings! Before you dive deep into the diverse reporting data within Google Analytics, you need to understand its vocabulary. Do you recognise these Google Analytics definitions? Sessions, bounce rate, impressions and hits. What about the difference between CTR and CPC? It’s enough [...]