This Week’s Technology News Update

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Siri's Search Engine Update Big changes in the Siri and iOS world this week, as Apple decides to ditch Bing in favour of Google for mobile. This technology news means if you ask Siri a question, or search something on iOS or Spotlight, Google will provide the answer. The move is supposed [...]

Tips from a Social Media Executive: Striking the Work Life Balance

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Thoughts from Bigfoot Digital's Social Media Executive, Ellie Pate on how she balances work with her hobby.  How I Balance Working as a Social Media Executive with Writing for My Blog A few months ago I co-created a food and culture blog. It’s all about [...]

5-Step Guide to Digital and Social Media Marketing Success!

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So, you want to create a digital and social media marketing strategy? Piece of cake. It’s just posting on social media every other day, right? Many people consider social media marketing to be a simple task with a quick update on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, in practice, it’s far more complicated. It [...]

Facebook Introduces Private Messaging for Business Pages

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At last, Facebook has introduced a way for businesses to use private messages to respond to comments, so they can have private conversations with their online audience. This new feature is exciting, and one that will bring lots of new opportunities to your business. What’s New This new feature actually comes with a few options, [...]

New Facebook Settings Could Change who Sees your Posts

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Facebook has launched a new feature that gives users more control over the posts they see in their feed, which could have an impact on who sees your posts. While the change may not directly affect your page, it could mean some of your followers won’t see your posts as often. However, there are some things you [...]

Facebook has made Video Advertising more Affordable

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Facebook has changed the way it charges advertisers for video ads, which could make this option more affordable for many businesses. Video is a powerful medium that can help you promote your brand across the internet, so this update could bring great opportunities for your business. The New Payment Model Previous to this update, advertisers [...]

Facebook Algorithm now uses Time Spent on Stories

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There has been a lot of news in the social media industry lately, and now Facebook has some of its own. In an effort to show its users content they are interested in, the social media site’s algorithm will now take into consideration how much time a user spends on different stories. In the announcement, [...]