What is Evergreen Content? Types, Benefits and Lasting Results!

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It’s that time of year again. People are rushing around trying to navigate the retail rush to secure a seasonal steal. So how do you take advantage of all that potential traffic? The answer is evergreen content. Funnily enough, this has nothing to do with Christmas trees or gift giving. What is Evergreen Content? [...]

SEO Copywriting: How to Write SEO Content for People, and Robots!

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Being obsessed with SEO copywriting for Google only is by far the biggest mistake people make when developing a content strategy. ‘Write for humans, not robots’ has been the advice given to Copywriters for six years (since the Panda update). But, is it still the case today? The answer, like many in the mystifying [...]

Spooky SEO Tips: Ideas for Halloween Marketing

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Spooky SEO Tips: Ways to market your business for Halloween It’s October and that means people are hitting the shops, buying costumes and stocking up on sweets. Halloween has grown in popularity over the last few decades and is now a massive commercial and fun festival that engages millions of people. We have [...]

10 Powerful Marketing Words and Phrases That Sell Products Online.

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Powerful Marketing Words That Sell Online... Words hold the power to sell. Have you ever read a landing page online that has undoubtedly persuaded you to purchase? That’s the type of content you should take note of when writing for your business. As marketers, we are looking for content that prompts readers to go [...]

Content Marketing in 2017: What has changed?

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In 2008, entrepreneur and marketing maven Seth Godin declared that content marketing “is all the marketing that’s left”. Since then, inbound forms of marketing have become the sine qua non of any burgeoning business. In pursuit of the elusive SEO, we have become a nation of soft sellers, link-builders and – most pervasively – [...]

4 Tips to Make your Content Stand out in the Crowd

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Online marketing is one of the biggest platforms of marketing in the world right now. Therefore, the competition between different marketers is intense. One of the greatest struggles content marketers face is creating engaging content to allow them to stand out from the rest and make strong connections with their audiences. Marketers have acknowledged [...]

The Unique Power of Pictures in your Content

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As you develop content for your website, blog or content marketing strategy, how often do you pay special attention to the images you use? Pictures have a unique power and can help you take your content to the next level. They can even stand alone, as images with captions or infographics, for example, to support [...]

4 Places to Find New Content Ideas

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Whether you are trying to fill your blog’s editorial calendar, are planning your content marketing strategy or are working to produce content to support your current marketing campaign, coming up with ideas can be the toughest part of the process. You need to blend creativity with strategy to uncover content ideas that will attract your [...]

7 Ideas on how to make your content more engaging

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The competition for your audience is higher than ever and this is why it is important to ensure that your website content stands out from the rest. Engagement is becoming more challenging as human attention spans are becoming shorter. If your audience doesn't engage with your content within a few seconds, then it will be [...]

What to do when People aren’t Interacting with your Content

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Quizzes, how-to tutorials and social media polls are big in content marketing. Businesses are finding success in creating content designed specifically to get readers to interact with their brand. But, even more traditional types of online content, like blog posts, promotional videos, and website content, should also be geared toward generating some kind of response. [...]