Improve Your Marketing With Social Media Insights

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Your Social Media Insights could tell you what's working and what's not for your business. There's a lot to view and consider behind the scenes when it comes to running your Social Media and obtaining a consistent online presence. Social Media has become more technical over the years, and thanks to Social Media [...]

The Best Marketing Tools to Keep Your Marketing Strategy on Track

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Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of online marketing, everyone needs a bit of help. While some types of marketing tools can cost the earth, others are free and, with hundreds available online, all claiming to be a 'one stop shop for all your digital needs' it can often be overwhelming [...]

Don’t Forget to Create a Content Schedule at Christmas!

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Don’t go for Silent Nights over the Christmas period, create a content schedule! The last thing you need to do is completely neglect your customer base over Christmas. Even if you’re not in the office for a week or you’re off on holiday, there is still chance to schedule posts and content to [...]

5 Steps to Kick-Start your Career in Digital Marketing!

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Looking to start a career in digital marketing? In this blog we share our expert insights to help you discover what it takes to be successful in the industry. Digital marketing is one of the most exciting, fast-moving, and challenging industries you can work in. We promise you, it’s an exceptional career [...]

How to Write a Press Release for a Product Launch

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We discuss how to write a press release that brings in maximum sales and increased brand awareness this Christmas. Want to reach thousands of people across the internet browsing multiple different domains? Spread the word of your seasonal sales in a matter of seconds? That kind of reach is… out of my [...]

Give the Gift of Great Christmas Content this Festive Season!

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Whether you’re a self-confessed Festive King or Queen or the ultimate scrooge, there’s no escaping Christmas Content Marketing. Tis’ the season of giving and, this year, we’re being very generous here at Bigfoot Digital! If you’re struggling to come up with original ideas for Christmas themed content, take a look at our tips [...]

Why is Personalised Email Marketing so Important at Christmas?

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Personalised mail marketing campaigns have massive potential – that is if you execute them correctly. Open rates for marketing emails currently stand at only 24.79% while the average click-through rate is just 4.19% - combine this with the fact that email frequencies at Christmas are skyrocketing and marketers have an uphill battle on their hands. This [...]

Spread Cheer through Social Media Marketing!

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It’s not too late to spruce up your Social Media Marketing strategy in the run up to Christmas. So, it’s mid-December, the busiest shopping time of the year. Your Social Media Marketing strategy is in place and you've created a few Christmas-themed posts across your social media pages, including a photo of your [...]

What is Evergreen Content? Types, Benefits and Lasting Results!

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It’s that time of year again. People are rushing around trying to navigate the retail rush to secure a seasonal steal. So how do you take advantage of all that potential traffic? The answer is evergreen content. Funnily enough, this has nothing to do with Christmas trees or gift giving. What is Evergreen [...]