10 Powerful Marketing Words and Phrases That Sell Products Online

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Words hold the power to sell. Have you ever read a landing page that has immediately persuaded you to purchase? That’s the type of content you should strive for when writing for your business. As marketers, we are always looking for content that prompts readers to go that one step further, click the call to [...]

Blog Ideas: 10 Things To Do For Your Blog Before The New Year!

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This post was updated in 2019 to reflect current blogging trends. There are a ton of in-famous bloggers out there. Just head to Instagram, and you’ll see a feed full of influencers sharing content on a myriad of topics - from homeware to housing, crafts to cooking, they occupy a significant portion of online [...]

10 Things Every Successful Content Marketing Plan Needs

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Does your content marketing plan need an overhaul? Or are you trying out content marketing for the first time and wondering how to develop a successful campaign? Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced hand, it’s important to revisit your content strategy to ensure its up to date. Every content marketing plan will vary [...]