Can Your Business Use Google’s New Helpouts?

Google has launched its newest service, called Helpouts, aimed at giving people a way to get one-on-one assistance for all kinds of things. Both individuals and businesses can create Helpouts, which users can use to do anything from learn new skills to get professional help with a task.

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What are Helpouts?

What exactly is a Helpout? It is a live video session that helps users learn something or provides assistance for a specific task. According to Google, the purpose of Helpouts is to “Help people help each other.” Helpouts can happen instantly or they can be scheduled in advance. Some providers offer free Helpouts, while others charge for a session. Some Helpouts are available at a per session fee and some providers charge by the minute.

While you are using a Helpout, you will be able to see live video, talk with your customer, share your computer screen, work through a project and even record the session.

Right now, Helpouts are organised into eight different categories and already cover a wide variety of topics. You can browse sessions by topic or you can search for something specific. The eight topics currently offered are:

  • Art and Music
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education and Careers
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home and Garden

Google has told its users that even more topics and Helpouts will be added soon.

Who is Using Helpouts?

Both individuals and businesses will be able to create Helpouts. Google announced that some major brands, including Weight Watchers, Redbeacon, Sephora and Rosetta Stone are already using the new tool.

People all over the world are joining Helpouts with experts and businesses to learn more about specific topics and get individual assistance in real time.

Can my Business Use Helpouts?

Right now, you will need an invitation code to create a Helpout, and you can request one from Google. When you post a Helpout, you will be able to provide live help on your own schedule and even use a mobile device to connect.

Helpouts could make it possible for you to provide a new kind of individual assistance to your customers. You will be able to provide a completely personalised experience and speak face-to-face to people, no matter where they are.

This kind of service could be an extremely beneficial marketing and communications tool for your business. When used strategically, it could give you one more way to connect with your market and a new channel for creating your brand and solidifying your reputation.

When you host Helpouts, you will be making it possible for your market to interact with you in a whole new way, and your online brand will become even more engaging. Both free and paid Helpouts could help you establish your brand as an industry expert which could help you become more successful in all kinds of areas, from raising awareness to increasing website traffic and sales.

If you are interested in using Helpouts as part of your digital marketing campaign, decide what kind of content you can provide to your audience. As with other marketing materials, your content should be professional, branded and provide value to your market. Then, request an invitation from Google and start connecting with your market in a new, highly individualised way.