Can LinkedIn Help you make more Sales?

Traditionally, LinkedIn has been considered a place where professionals can connect, learn about each others’ experience and communicate. But, as it has gained popularity and as new features have been added, the site has become a place where people publish and share content, have discussions and even promote businesses. The question is, can LinkedIn help you make more sales?

The Numbers

LinkedIn has released some statistics that show its users have considerable buying power. The report reminds businesses that while the users may be professionals, they are also consumers.

According to LinkedIn, its users have more buying power than Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr users. This fact may explain why 71 percent of business to consumer marketers used LinkedIn to share content last year.

So what are users spending their money on? The report shows LinkedIn users spend £1,189 to £1,783 annually on vacations and £499 each year on clothing. They are also 152 percent more likely to be a frequent flier and are 41 percent more likely to have spent £17,834 or more on their last vehicle.

Of course, these categories aren’t the only ones LinkedIn users make purchases in. Things like technology, office supplies, business tools, software, mobile apps and other items would also be good candidates for products that attract this audience.

How you can Make More Sales

There’s no question that these numbers are impressive and offer a glimpse into how LinkedIn can bring in more sales for your business. Before you make the site a major part of your social media marketing plan, you need to make sure it is right for your business.

Analyse your Audience

Just like any other marketing tactic, you need to make sure it can help you reach your market before you start using it. Analyse who your target customers are and then determine if they are likely to use LinkedIn. You can also do some research to find out for sure if your market is on the site before you start using it as part of your strategy.

Build a Presence

To really get the most out of LinkedIn you need to build a presence on the site. Start by making sure your page is complete and branded and then connect with others and build a following. You can also participate in conversations and groups to gain a voice on LinkedIn.

Use the Tools

LinkedIn has several features you can use to turn it into a marketing tool and reach your market. Experiment with the tools to find the best tactics for your business and market and then find a strategy that works for you.

By using a combination of status updates, published content, shared links, comments, group interactions and photos, you can raise brand awareness, site traffic and sales. To do this, you’ll need to use both social media marketing and content marketing.

At its core, LinkedIn is a social network, but it has become a publishing platform and a place where thoughts and ideas are shared and marketers can reach consumers.