Can Infographics add Something New to Your Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy?

In many industries, infographics are all the rage. All kinds of businesses use infographics on their websites, blogs, social media channels and even traditional marketing tactics. The hashtag “#infographic” was used on Twitter 56,765 in March 2012 alone. Infographics are becoming more and more popular, but should your company join the ranks of those tweeting about them?

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Find the Right Opportunity

Creating infographics just for the sake of creating them won’t get you very far. To really take advantage of the medium, you need the right opportunity to use it.

Infographics excel at sending a message, or sharing lots of detailed information, in a very short amount of time. Instead of including a marketing message or awareness-raising details in a text-heavy blog post, you can include them in an infographic that your audience can glance at and grasp your message.

Knowing this, the right “infographic opportunity” will be one that has both the right message and the right audience.

Combining Audiences, Goals and Messages

Different audiences will respond differently to infographics. For example, if the goal of your infographic is to create a buzz on social media, you’ll need to target your market that is most likely to be online. You’ll need to make sure the message and topic of the infographic resonate with that same market.

Remember that each infographic needs to somehow add to your overall digital marketing strategy. Infographics can be extremely useful if used as part of a strategy, and not just used at random.

It’s all in the Details

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If you want your infographic to work as link bait, something that your market will want to share across the Internet, you’ll need to make sure it is interesting, mind-boggling or exciting. Boring infographics that share statistical information about your company might not make the cut when it comes to infographics with potential to go viral.

Infographics that highlight interesting statistics about something well known or that categorize bits of information in a fun way are more likely to be shared. You can adopt a topic that is interesting and then find a way to relate it to your brand. A good way to do this is to leverage current events and pop culture trends.

Looks and Design do Matter

Part of the appeal of infographics is that they are easy on the eyes. They are fun to look at and easy to understand. Even if your brand’s infographics are full of interesting and useful information, if they aren’t designed well they will be less effective. Make sure each infographic you distribute is well-designed and is something you are proud to put your company name on.

With the right strategy, message and planning, infographics can add something new to a content marketing, social media, digital marketing or search engine optimisation campaign.