How can I grow Reach and Engagement on my Facebook page?

Facebook is a brilliant platform for businesses to build relationships with the customer and to manage their reputation.

As the second most visited site in the world (after Google) it boasts 1.23 billion active users every month and so there is no doubt someone is searching for your business page, to see your online following and the way you engage and interact with your fans.

The importance of making an impression on your Facebook page should not be neglected, and great pages reward fans as they seek to grow engagement and following.

To do so, we’ve come up with three easy steps.

1) Post content that will encourage interaction

A business should aim to post a minimum of two status updates a day to show you have an active online presence. One way of encouraging engagement is to post status updates consisting of questions which will inspire fans to comment and answer. This will result in a conversation starter with you and your community and the better the topic, the more shares you are likely to get. One way of rewarding fans is to let them have their say. For example, they could send in their own question they want answered in which you would post publicly to your Facebook page encouraging other followers to answer – “Question of the Day”.

Questions are also a useful way of market research to find out what the customer wants, again this gives your fans their own voice and shows that their opinion towards your business counts – a fantastic way of rewarding them for their following.

Other engaging status updates that should be considered are posts involving links, videos and images. In 2013, Facebook revealed that users upload 3.5 million photographs to the site every day and so an eye catching image is sure to gain comments, shares and post clicks. The more shares a post gets, the higher the reach and therefore the engagement.

2) Competitions and promotions

Competitions are one of the best ways you can reward your fans and increase engagement of your page. For bigger companies who have the resources, a weekly/monthly competition will encourage fans to keep coming back as they know a competition is coming and they could be the next winner. Other competitions that also work well for smaller businesses are when you reach a following milestone. For example, reaching a 1000 followers and giving away a prize to one lucky winner.

Competitions also encourage shares as followers post the status to their own page for their friends to enter.

3) Connect fans with your brand

Featuring fans on your Facebook page is a great way to seek engagement. In the same way competitions work, one idea to connect fans with your brand is for them to enter a picture of themselves with your product or a related topic to feature on the page or even in your profile pic or cover photo. E.g., on Lindam’s Facebook page we ran the “Lindam Star” feature that encouraged fans to send in pictures of their little ones to win a prize. We have also posted images parents have sent in of their little ones using Munchkin/Lindam products as another way of connecting fans with the brand and featuring them on the page.

Remember, fans hold a lot of value, and rewarding them for their loyalty is a fantastic way of keeping followers, and increasing them. By creating engaging status updates that give your fans something back, post reach and engagement will have the opportunity to grow. Also, don’t forget to check your Facebook insights to see when your following is online – post at these times for maximum reach.