Business Ratings can Now Appear in Google Ads — Leverage this Update

Google has announced that advertisers now have the option of adding ratings from Google My Business to their ads. This update brings something new to the table and you can leverage it to get more clicks and see more results from your ads.

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Adding Ratings

According to Google’s announcement, businesses can start using this feature right away to add ratings to their Google ads. The ratings are at the end of ads and will appear as a star rating next to a link that states the number of reviews the business has. Users can click on the link to read Google My Business reviews.

This update adds one more facet to ads, meaning businesses have more to work with when it comes to generating leads and attracting customers. The ability to add ratings to ads could help you show potential customers that you are a reliable business that works to provide the best services.

To add ratings to your ads, you need to activate location extensions. You can learn more about how to show local business information and activate this on Google’s support page.

Use Ratings to your Advantage

Of course, to get the most out of this feature, you need to have some solid Google My Business reviews to work with. Adding this to your ads will be most effective if you have a good number of reviews with high ratings.

Verify and Update your Business Information

First, make sure your business is verified so all the changes you make will show up across Google’s sites. This will also tell your customers that they found your legitimate account, so they’ll be more likely to leave a review. Periodically check to make sure your business information, like address, phone number, and business hours, is correct.

Tell your Customers how to Leave a Review

Your customers aren’t likely to leave reviews and rate your business if they don’t know they can! Publicise the fact that people can leave comments and rate your business through Google and provide some basic instructions or even a link to make it easy. You can ask people to leave reviews through marketing at your location, social media, email marketing or any of your other tactics.

Be Praiseworthy

It may go without saying, but it’s extremely important that you strive to be praiseworthy if you want to attract positive reviews and ratings. Go above and beyond and always provide the best service possible to your customers so people will want to leave a good rating and recommend you to their friends.

Listen and Respond to Reviews

As you start to get reviews, continue to be involved by listening to what people have to say and responding whenever possible. Good responses to concerns and both positive and negative reviews will help you build your brand and establish a good relationship with your market. It will also show people that you use your reviews to improve your business, which may make them more inclined to leave their own reviews.

This update to Google ads has the power to help you show potential customers why they should do business with you. Start by activating this function and then working to get positive reviews and ratings at your locations.