Building Exclusivity in Social Media

Social Media has often been considered a free-for-all platform where anyone can join in and share their two cents. This is a wonder for marketers, as we’ve finally been given a direct route to our customers. Although, you have to admit, we’ve been guilty of some fairly cringe-worthy attempts to grab attention.

If you’ve seen the Condescending Corporate Brand Page recently, you’ll know precisely what I’m talking about. While they’re poking fun at the brands guilty of shameless and ill thought out attempts to grab the attention of their audience, Grey Poupon has gone in the exact opposite direction.

You have to apply to like them. 

Few brands could get away with such shameless elitisim, but Grey Poupon, with their reputation for quality and taste, do so with such class. Their Facebook page is a showcase of refinement throughout the ages, with a history dating back to 1777.

To ‘Like’ the page, members must go through an application process that looks at your Facebook history – where you check in, how many pictures you’re in, which books you’ve read, and which films you’ve enjoyed are just a few of the criteria you’ll be judged on. Any users who like the page, but don’t pass the test, will see their Like removed.

A risky move, and a bold social media come-back. 

Those lucky few (24,170 at the moment) who are classy enough to be eligible will be in the running for exclusive prizes, and they’ll be given a badge of honour to proudly display on their Facebook profile. And I’m not speaking from experience here, I only know about this from their press release, as I sadly didn’t make the cut.

Tom Markham, Executive Creative Director with CP+B said:

 “We’re taking a mass platform in Facebook that most people use every day and turning it on its head with an element of exclusivity to differentiate the Grey Poupon brand.

“It’s a great way to find new consumers who exhibit values similar to the brand and who would appreciate our quality and good taste.”

It’ s an incredibly daring move, but one that will foster a smaller community of users who worked that little bit harder to be there. While many marketing directors are all in favour of being universally liked and accepted by all, Grey Poupon is saying “hey, it’s ok if not everyone likes us, we’re a unique brand.” They’ve executed this marketing campaign in a tongue-in-cheek style, that is endearing rather than alienating. Kudos to them!

They’re also taking their social media presence one step further by attempting to host their website entirely on Pinterest. Time will tell how that move works out for them.