How to Build Your Arsenal of Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews can bring your website, landing pages, blog, product pages and entire Internet marketing strategy to a whole new level. When your market can identify with the people who are satisfied with your product, people will be more likely to become customers themselves.

But, how do you get all those customer reviews? There are all kinds of avenues you can use, but here are a few simple ways to start collecting them.

Ask Satisfied Customers

One of the most basic ways to get customer reviews is to contact satisfied customers and ask if they would be willing to provide one. Customers that are happy with your products and services will likely be willing to do this and give you good reviews. You can also send out an email to your list of customers asking for a review and providing an incentive, like a discount or free sample.

When you ask for reviews, you should ask for permission to use them on your website or other publications, whether you use a customer’s name or not.

Monitor Social Media

Monitor your social media accounts, and social media in general, to find positive comments from your customers. Then, reach out to the customer and ask if you can use the review or testimonial as part of your marketing materials. If your customers aren’t posting these kinds of comments write a post asking for feedback.

Be sure to thank customers who give you permission with a letter, discount, sample or other gift.

Publicise Review Sites you Use

If you have a page on Yelp, Google Maps, Epinion or any other review site, make sure your market knows about it. Most of these sites have rigid rules and regulations about how you can secure reviews, so make sure you fully understand and follow them.

Making your customers aware that you have a page can encourage them to leave a review. Try sharing a link to your review page on your website, blog, social media accounts or even printed materials, like brochures, business cards and catalogs.

Provide a Customer Feedback Form

Make it easy for happy customers to give positive feedback by providing easy access to a form they can quickly fill out. You can do this in your store or office, but you can also add a form to your website or blog. Link to this form in your marketing emails, from your order confirmation pages, on your email receipts and anywhere else where your customers will see them and be likely to fill them out.

Including these feedback forms as part of the purchasing or ordering process, or by sending a follow up email, with a link to the form, after a product is shipped makes it more likely that people will fill them out. When your customers don’t have to seek out feedback forms, but are presented with them, you’ll get more responses.

When you have an arsenal of user reviews to use throughout your Internet marketing tactics, it will be much easer to reach and persuade your market. Start collecting reviews now by using one or more of these strategies.