Buffer adds Pinterest — Should you take the Leap?

Buffer has added Pinterest to its services, so you can now take advantage of its scheduling and analytics features as you plan and execute your social media marketing strategies. But, before you take the leap and start using Buffer for Pinterest, here are a few things to know.

What Buffer will Do

Buffer excels at making it possible for businesses to schedule social media posts in advance and providing analytical information that allows you to find out how well your posts are doing. Both of these are extremely beneficial and make it easier to use social media marketing.

When you schedule posts, you don’t have to manually post in real time, which allows you to overcome obstacles like lack of time and time zone differences. It also allows you to focus on other parts of your marketing efforts while your social media posts are being published.

Analytical data is invaluable as you look for patterns that tell you how well certain types of content are received, which social networks are helping you reach your market and how many people you are reaching through social media.

Common Problems to Avoid

However, scheduling social media brings with it certain issues you need to be aware of. All of these have the potential to create problems for your marketing efforts and brand, but by being aware of them ahead of time you can avoid these issues.

Becoming Robotic

When you sit down and create dozens of posts to go live over a set period of time, you risk sounding robotic. Your tone and style can lose a personal touch, which can be a major turn off to social media followers. You can also sound too stiff and robotic if you only use social media scheduling and don’t add any real-time posts or interaction.

Avoid these issues by creating friendly, casual content to post later and by using a good mix of prescheduled content and content you post in real time.

Lacking Personal Interaction

Relying on scheduled posts will lead to a lack of personal interaction on your accounts. It will cause them to seem stiff, impersonal and too self promotional, which will lead to a loss of followers and eventually, a weak social media community.

The only way to avoid this problem is to check in on social media regularly to publish some live posts and interact with other users, even when you schedule content.

Missing Real-Time Opportunities

Real-time opportunities, or opportunities to post about current events, social media trends, new content and other topics that you may not know about until they develop, are extremely important to good social media use. You need to leverage these to make your accounts come to life and to use current events to promote your own business. This is hard to do, if not impossible, if all of your posts are scheduled in advance.

As you check in to social media to add some personal interaction, also watch for real-time opportunities and chances to interact in live situations. This includes tracking current events, participating in social media chats and commenting on or sharing new content.

Using Buffer for Pinterest is a great way to enhance your Pinterest, and other social media, efforts. Taking advantage of its scheduling and analytics tools will give you more options and help you enhance your campaigns. Knowing about these common problems will help you avoid them from the very beginning, so you can use scheduling tools confidently, knowing you aren’t sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of your social media accounts.