Brochure Website Design Nottingham

Brochure Website Design Nottingham

Brochure website design that brings your business to life!

Businesses are increasingly turning to websites to provide around-the-clock information about their products and services. It has become a way to communicate with thousands of potential customers at the click of a button. It’s a simple solution to keeping customer relationships ticking over without even picking up a phone. The absence of a website can negatively impact a business. Everyone is online these days, and that includes your customers. Without an active online presence, you lose your credibility and customers to a competitor.

Our brochure website design Nottingham agency offer modern sites optimised for higher Google rankings to ensure you drive converting traffic. What’s more, we offer competitive pricing based on your budget and requirements. Hit the ‘Quick Enquiry’ button for a free, no-obligation quote:

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What is brochure website design?

We’ve all been there – walking into a store, you’re faced with so many options. Where do you start? Your brochure website is like this – you have a short space of time to connect with your audience. If they don’t engage with what’s on offer, they will exit your site in search of a competitor. Give too many options and you run the risk of overwhelming them. You are walking a fine line. Creating clutter-free content gives readers one clear focus leading them to make a purchase.

That’s where Bigfoot Digital comes in. Our brochure website design Nottingham team have a clear focus. They are sticklers for detail so they will take your vision and design a website that exceeds your expectations.

Why should I opt for a brochure website?

Brochure websites are most suited to small businesses who have a limited budget and rarely need to make amends to their website, unlike ecommerce sites which need to be updated with new stock and product information. They have a long shelf-life so to speak. So, if your business fits this criteria, you may be wondering about the benefits of brochure sites.

Legitimacy and credibility:

As obvious as this sounds, the main purpose is to show that you are a legitimate business and to make your products available to a wider market. Without an active online presence, you are already a step behind the competition. A professional business website puts you back in the driving seat to ensure you are constantly moving with the market and never miss an opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

Better for your budget:

It’s also great for your bank balance as you won’t have to spend a fortune on a website. Typically, brochure website designs are simpler to create, don’t require the same level of maintenance, meaning that brochure sites can bring in impressive ROI, despite not directly selling products and services online. A business phone number and address is all you need to ensure you are found for local search queries. You’ll also be able to talk directly to your customers adding that personal touch that businesses often need to clinch a sale.

SEO for higher rankings:

As brochure website design Nottingham specialists, we would still encourage you to keep your content fresh to maintain your Google rankings and traffic levels. Every time you update your website it’s a powerful interaction with search engines, visitors, and customers. However, a static website that you don’t update on a regular basis is considered ‘dead’ with nothing to offer readers. Simply put, if you write quality content for your website, Google will love you.

We understand that a brochure website is all about visual content (see above). It should look amazing in order to engage with readers at first sight. Our team of creative content writers can design interactive infographics, shoot video footage and take professional photographs to accompany written content on your blog. The key is to successful brochure content is variety. We offer both optimised content for higher rankings and creativity to please your readers – everyone wins!

Visual content:

Short attention spans have made lengthy descriptions a thing of the past – so how do you hold readers for longer? Today it’s easy for information to be forgotten if not presented in a digestible format. Visuals can boost engagement with readers as they are quick to absorb and remember. From your point of view, they don’t take as long to create and still be optimised for higher Google rankings.

Brochure websites are also great because you don’t need to spend the same amount of time and effort in maintaining your website. It’s about designing an aesthetically pleasing platform that gives your readers a reason to stick around. A brochure website should be bright, it should be bold and, most importantly, it should inspire action.

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Yes, this would work for my business – what’s next?

So, you’ve decided that a brochure website is the best option for your business. Our brochure website design Nottingham company specialise in creating websites that put you on the map. Businesses approach us looking for a website that proves they are who they claim to be. They require a professional site that offers customers an insight into their business. It can offer examples of work, testimonials and feature compelling copy of the services on offer.

It should be stripped back, sleek and offer a seamless user experience, which are all the things we are experts at. You will have a website that you can add and remove pages, and that has a blog. It will also be optimised to offer a flawless experience on mobile, tablet and desktop – at no extra cost.

Contact our brochure website design Nottingham agency!

We have worked with business owners across the UK to develop brochure websites that bring their business to life. Those who work with us find their website traffic increases, they learn more about marketing a business with our support and they end up with more customers than they can handle. So, what are you waiting for? Drop our brochure website design Nottingham team a message at for more information – we’d love to help you make money online!