Brochure Website Design Manchester

Brochure Website Design Manchester

Bring customers to you with our brochure website design Manchester service!

Maximise your sales potential with a professional brochure website design from our Manchester marketing team. Your website is the online equivalent to a shop window. It allows people to peek into your business. It’s a great way to increase awareness of your brand as well as making your customers aware of the products and services you provide.

But, it’s not enough to launch your site. It needs to stand out from the competition and demand customer engagement. Using our expertise in online marketing, our talented team of web developers will bring your website to the forefront of the market with an impressive blend of search engine optimisation and creative design. Whether you are looking for a fresh brochure website design or need optimisation for your existing site, we can help.

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What is brochure website design, and why is it important?

Simply put, brochure website design is the online version of a printed brochure. It offers information on your core products and services in a visually engaging format. It differs from an ecommerce site with ‘buy online’ functionality. Instead, it presents your offering to prospects and gives them the opportunity to contact you directly to find out more. Here are the core benefits of a brochure website:

Visual content:

Brochure sites tend to be image-focused and rely heavily on professional photography to convert clicks into customers. This approach works well for companies that use images to make a sale. For example, an interior design company would benefit from a brochure website to showcase a profile of completed work. On the other hand, a technology store with thousands of products should instead opt for an ecommerce platform.

Value for money:

Another benefit of a brochure site is that you don’t have to spend money on an extensive ecommerce site that requires hours of work. A simple, brochure design requires less attention which means it can generate impressive results, despite not actually selling online. This way, you can focus on the promotion of your products rather than the optimisation of endless pages of website content.

Unlimited possibilities:

Brochure sites can look exactly how you want and focus on simplicity and professionalism, which Google likes to see. We’ll get to know your business to ensure every decision is made with your specific target audience in mind.

Quick build time:

Based on your specific requirements, our brochure website design Manchester services can take around seven weeks to complete. If you are looking for a quick turn around on a professional web build, we can help.

Our brochure website design services

Every site we build is essentially a mini advert for your business. We take great care and attention in designing and developing a website that works in line with your business goals. We also believe that in some cases less is more, so if your site requires a five-page brochure website, that’s what we’ll deliver. At Bigfoot Digital, we want every website we design to exceed our clients’ expectations and be something they are proud to share with their suppliers, customers and employees.

Customer enquiries:

Customer satisfaction should be the priority for any business owner. Providing your website has a successful search engine optimisation strategy in place, you should be bringing in enquiries using the phone, email and contact forms. Those enquiries represent the start of the sales process and the start of a relationship with your customers.

Optimised content:

A lot of companies fail because they don’t update their site with fresh content. Nothing puts a customer off more than to see posts dated three years prior. An active online presence will result in a higher conversion rate. You could invest in professional business website design, but without content, you won’t get very far. Our brochure website design Manchester services combine visual content with optimised text for higher search engine rankings.

Image gallery:

No matter what the business industry or size, professional images of your products offer you instant trust and authority. We are living in an increasingly visual world so image optimisation can’t be overlooked. They encourage engagement with your content. However, if you fail to optimise your images, you are missing out on a valuable SEO asset. Google is increasingly showing pictures in the search results. We’ll optimise your images with relevant alt text, keywords and links for the best results.

Products and services:

This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To offer a product that people can’t wait to purchase. We understand that a return on investment is the end goal for any business. For that reason, we use creative content to ensure your products get the traction they deserve. We can’t emphasise enough how important photography is here – a picture paints a thousand words, after all. At Bigfoot Digital, we have the skills and creativity to compose quality photography for your site.

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