How to Bring Social Media to your Next Marketing Event

Social media can bring an otherwise normal event to something that reaches a wider audience, helps you build your online presence and contributes to your Internet marketing efforts.

Bringing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks to conferences, product unveils, store openings, sales and other events doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with just a few steps you can make a marketing event more effective and take it online for better results.

Choose your Channels

First, decide which social media channels are best for your event. It’s best to choose networks you are already using and that you have a strong presence on. Now is not the best time to start using a new network or try to attract a large following.

Consider what each network does best. For example, Twitter is great for short pieces of insight and allows people to group together with hashtags while Instagram is a very visual network. Stick with just one or two networks to focus on so you don’t spread yourself too thin and can do well on each one. This also lets you centralise information and live details about your event.

Plan for a Moderator

Choose someone on your team who can act as an online moderator during the event. This person will be responsible for posting live updates during the event and interacting with others who are also posting.

Your moderator could monitor a Twitter hashtag, post updates, retweet posts from users and generally work to make sure the live social media posting goes well. If you plan to use a few social media channels, you may want to assign a few moderators or use a social media dashboard that lets you post to multiple networks at the same time.

Make it Easy for Guests to Participate

To make the most of social media at events, you need to make it easy for your guests to participate.

This starts before the event. Publicise the event and that you will be live posting through the networks you have chosen. If you are using Facebook or another site that lets you create an event and invite guests, take advantage of that feature!

Then, encourage guests to participate at the event itself. Do this with announcements, signs that promote hashtags or your accounts, contests for people who live post, flyers and any other promotional tactic that makes sense for your event.

You can also get creative and incorporate social media at the event by showing off pictures people post, projecting a Twitter feed on a screen and even using social media to help announce information during the event.

Let the Party Continue

After the event, you can continue to leverage the social media work you did. Tell people online they can catch up with what happened at the event on your social media pages and you can even use some statuses, posts and statistics from your social media during the event to create a blog post.

Social media can bring a lot to events. It can help you increase attendance and engagement during the event and enhance your online marketing plans. Think about your next event and how you can bring your social media accounts in to add something new and interesting.