Breathe new life into Your Social Media Accounts this Summer

Are your social media accounts feeling a little boring lately? If you aren’t getting very many comments or your audience isn’t growing at a good rate, it might be time to change some things. This summer is the perfect time to breathe new life into your accounts to boost your social media marketing and see more benefits for your entire business.

Sometimes all it takes is a few small updates or a change of pace to shake things up and make your audience take notice of your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. No matter what kind of social media you use, these tips can help you make your accounts more interesting.

Run a Contest

It may seem cliché, but running a contest is actually a great way to bring some attention to your account. Your audience will take notice and you’ll even reach people who aren’t already following you, so you will build a larger social media community. Make sure your contest is enticing to your market so you’ll see big results.

Launch a Theme for the Summer

Keep your followers coming back and interested in your account by launching a theme for the summer. You can do this by posting a photo that fits a certain topic each week, asking for submissions from your followers or by using a specific hashtag for updates that fit in with one big idea.

For example, you could post updates about ideas for outdoor recreation all summer long with the hashtag #summersun. This kind of campaign will give your account momentum and encourage your followers to get involved. People will begin to associate your business with the theme, making you more visible and recognisable on social media.

Get out of your Rut

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to posting on social media. If you’ve been posting the same things and types of content over and over, try something new. Add some personality to your posts, share different kinds of content and look for topics that your market is talking about. When you post the same kinds of things over and over, your account can start to blend into the background, but when you post something new, your market will take notice.

Get involved with Others

When you tag other accounts, join groups and interact with others, you are making your business more visible on social media. You widen the reach of your posts and others might even be willing to help you promote your posts and content.

Choose carefully who you interact with so that you can target your market. For example, if you are a technology company you could interact with and share content from a company that sales cell phone accessories. As you team up with other people, you want to choose accounts that will help you target your own market and that aren’t competitors.

Use new Sites or Mediums

Consider using a new social media site that will help you reach your market or using a new medium to make your content stand out. For example, if you usually post photos, try creating and sharing videos. Take your blog posts to a new level by producing some podcasts. Changing the type of content you share can bring your account back into focus for your audience and capture peoples’ attention.

Breathing new life into your social media accounts is a matter of doing something different this summer. Think outside the box and find new ways to use social media, new types of content to share and ways to reach out and connect with others.