Breaking the Ice on Facebook – The 3 Types of Posts Guaranteed to get a Response

The Facebook Edge Rank algorithm is designed to share Facebook posts between people who regularly interact more than between those who don’t. So, if you want your social media marketing efforts to reach a wider audience you need to make sure that your audience is interacting with you on a regular basis.

Companies like Innocent and Postrocket make this interaction look effortless, and they nearly always rack up a decent number of shares, likes and comments on everything they post. So what’s the secret to breaking the ice and sparking conversation with your audience? 

Post regularly. If your content is only seen by an average of 16% of your audience, then it makes sense to keep the content flowing. While it may be tempting to schedule all of your content for the week on a Monday and then sit back, this will just result in pushing old content when Friday comes around. Use an app like Buffer to quickly pull content from anywhere on the web and your sharing experience will become much more natural.

The 3 Post Guaranteed to Get a Response

Ask Questions – And they don’t have to be serious questions.

It’s just like making friends and interacting with people in real life – the best way to get to know people is by asking questions. Everyone likes to give their opinion, especially on social media, and if it helps push your marketing message further, then mission accomplished.

Offer a Prize – People can’t resist a good give-away, and if entry is as simple as liking or sharing a post, you’ll get a good interaction rate. If 10 users with an average of 245 Facebook friends enter your competition, and this is seen by 16% of their friends, that’s an extra 392 people who may now be tempted to join in on the fun too. 

Ask for a RT, Share, or Like – This is becoming a very popular way to get re-tweets, you simply ask for them! In the same way that traditional marketing messages will provide a call to action, asking for a re-tweet or a share is like saying “call this number now” or “click here to find out more.”

Posts like this from PostRocket make people want to share; it’s funny, and the comment “share if you get it” puts people in a position where they want to show that they’re on the inside of the joke. You don’t have to always be the one to come up with the content either – Innocent regularly borrows (and credits) the content they share.

What are some of the posts that you find always get the reaction you want from your audience? Feel free to share them below!