Ask An SEO Agency: Why Does Website User Experience Affect SEO Results?

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For Google, becoming the world’s most popular search engine has not been a passive endeavour. To remain people’s number one choice, the company has used increasingly complex algorithms that rank the quality of a website or page based on numerous factors. At their heart, these algorithms increasingly serve to assess aspects of website user [...]

This Week’s Technology News Update

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Siri's Search Engine Update Big changes in the Siri and iOS world this week, as Apple decides to ditch Bing in favour of Google for mobile. This technology news means if you ask Siri a question, or search something on iOS or Spotlight, Google will provide the answer. The move is supposed [...]

Tips from a Social Media Executive: Striking the Work Life Balance

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Thoughts from Bigfoot Digital's Social Media Executive, Ellie Pate on how she balances work with her hobby.  How I Balance Working as a Social Media Executive with Writing for My Blog A few months ago I co-created a food and culture blog. It’s all about [...]

10 Powerful Marketing Words and Phrases That Sell Products Online.

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Powerful Marketing Words That Sell Online... Words hold the power to sell. Have you ever read a landing page online that has undoubtedly persuaded you to purchase? That’s the type of content you should take note of when writing for your business. As marketers, we are looking for content that prompts readers to go [...]

WordPress SEO: Why Is WordPress Good For SEO?

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Our clients often ask, “Why is WordPress good for SEO?” There are many reasons, but let’s start with some facts. WordPress is the most used content management system in the world which powers over 27% of the entire internet – and with good reason. It’s no coincidence that WordPress sites tend to rank [...]

Facebook Marketing Statistics Your Brand Just Can’t Ignore

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Here we share some important Facebook Marketing Statistics your brand simply can’t ignore to help guide your social media marketing strategy. The Bigfoot Digital social media team has been managing social accounts for a number of clients for many years, reaching out to a variety of audiences with creative and engaging content that [...]

5-Step Guide to Digital and Social Media Marketing Success!

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So, you want to create a digital and social media marketing strategy? Piece of cake. It’s just posting on social media every other day, right? Many people consider social media marketing to be a simple task with a quick update on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But, in practice, it’s far more complicated. It [...]

Ask An SEO Company: How Do I Improve Website Loading Speed?


As an SEO company, one of the first activities we undertake is a technical analysis of a client’s website. This is because there are aspects of website design that have a fundamental impact on SEO. If a website isn’t functioning it won’t do well in SERPs, as many Google ranking factors are related to [...]

The Benefits of Using a Free SEO Audit Tool for your Website

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We are very proud to announce the release of our Free SEO Audit Tool. This service will tell you within seconds what is working on your website, and what can be improved. It will ensure you are in a prime position to attract new customers and have the expertise and knowledge to maximise your [...]