Shares Best Pinning Times

Data released by, the URL shortening service used across the majority of social media sites, has revealed the best time for you to change pins into clicks. If you’ve been ardently pinning away from your desk during office hours then your pins may be less effective that they would be if you were pinning at the weekend, Saturday morning, to be more specific.

This was revealed by Hilary Mason,’s chief scientist, at the Mashable Connect conference in the Florida. keeps track of all links created by users, and all the click they recieve. However, as one sharp shooting reader pointed out, Pinterest regularly blocks links from as they’re so often abused for spamming, so this could have diluted their data.

That said, it’s still logical advice, as Saturday mornings have done away with breakast in bed and been replaced with ‘iPad in bed’. So how can you pin effectively for your business without giving up your Saturday morning for work?

Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies - only on Pinterest!

It’s still early days, but there are sites and applications in developement to help you organise your Pinterest boards in the same way you schedule your Twitter feed. If you jump on the waiting list for Pinerly and then leverage your social media prowess to convince others to sign up too, then you could become a member much sooner than the average joe.

Pinerly will allow you to track who you’re following, who follows you, schedule your Pins for busier times, and see your ‘pinalytics’. The only flaw at this point seems to be the iniability to keep your company branding. The only way for Pinerly to track your pins at this stage is for the pins to look like they’re coming from their server, which isn’t much use if you’re trying to drive traffic to your site.

If you’re underwhelmed by Pinerly, or simply don’t want to wait for the invite, there’s always WPPinner that will allow you to view your Pinterest analytics from your WordPress dashboard.

What time do you find most effective for pinning content?