Bigfoot Employees Battle for Fantasy Football Glory


In a season defined by 5000/1 underdogs, faltering champions, and miraculous upsets, an arguably greater story is unfolding on the third floor of the DMC. Indeed, as we approach the final week of the Fantasy Premier League, an unlikely contender sits on top of the ‘Bigfoot Championship’. Carmen Woodcock leads Mark Woodcock, defending champion Sam Tyler, and Lindsey Watson. But, all is still to play for between the top two, with Mark trailing by just 12 points going into the final game week. Certainly, tensions will be high in the Woodcock household as husband and wife prepare to battle for the Fantasy title.

Mark, who started the season poorly, has been rising through the table since the turn of the year, and took another 40 point chunk off Carmen’s lead this week. Sam, who led the table at Christmas, has faded into obscurity this year, and now finds himself in 3rd position with the title out of reach. A disappointing season for last year’s champion, who claims he “wasn’t that interested in winning anyway”. Not much can be said of Lindsey’s season, a performance that prompted Aston Villa fans to say “at least we’re not that bad”. The United fan will be hoping to regroup next season, and mount a much improved challenge.

Carmen admits she is largely indifferent to football, while the other contenders all claim to love the sport. Some critics claim that if Carmen wins it is against the spirit of the game, while others remark that it is a fairy tale story. Although Mark is 12 points behind, he has his ‘bench boost’ in hand, and is in a far better run of form. Whatever the outcome, the season has been full of ups and downs, and all four players will be wondering what to do with their time come summer…Euro 2016 Fantasy League anyone?