Bigfoot Digital Welcomes a Swanky New Client

The team at Bigfoot Digital are thrilled to be partnering with fast growing e-commerce business, Swanky Maison, in an alliance that’s set to be very rewarding for all.

Swanky Maison is an online boutique selling handmade homeware and unique gifts created by up and coming UK designer-makers. The business launched in 2009 and has enjoyed steady organic growth over the last few years, selling on behalf of over a hundred talented designers.

With a strong brand, a clear USP and well established operational systems, Swanky Maison is now ready to launch into a massive SEO campaign, driving significantly more traffic to the site. Swanky Maison is all set to handle the vast increase in sales that’s predicted as a result of all the online marketing activity we have planned.

Director of Swanky Maison, Cath Harrison, says: “We’ve worked incredibly hard since the conception of Swanky Maison back in 2008 and we’re so excited about working with Bigfoot Digital. If we only achieve a fraction of what Mark and Lindsey predict, then this partnership will prove incredibly worthwhile. This year, Swanky Maison has reached a cross roads, we could continue to grow organically or really go for it. Well we’re really going for it!”

Commenting on Swanky Maison, Mark Woodcock says: “This is a great site with huge potential but there’s a lot of work to be done to reach our goals. Over the coming months we’ll be starting Search Engine Optimisation, building on the existing Social Media presence and looking into affiliate marketing schemes as well as other Internet Marketing activity. We predict that Swanky Maison is going to be a very different beast in less than a year’s time as awareness of this fantastic shop spreads like wildfire.”

Well let’s hope so. We’ll be keeping you up to date with the progress of Swanky Maison and indeed all our clients over the coming months. These are very exciting times!

A taste of what's available from Swanky Maison