Bigfoot Digital Successes 2018!

Well, hello 2019!

It’s here whether we believe it or not. Everyone is back, busy and brimming with creative ideas for our client campaigns. As well as working hard for our clients to set new goals for the year ahead, we also like to reflect on the year we’ve had and look at our own successes.

We’ve had yet another incredible year, including almost doubling our team members, bringing a great range of businesses on board with different campaigns and preparing for a huge expo later this year!

Curious? We don’t blame you! Read on…

New team members!

In 2018, we’ve taken on eight full-time members of staff as social media executives, SEO executives, web developers, new content writers, many interns and even a graphic designer! We’re not stopping there either. As we are beginning to work with a number of new exciting clients, we need more and more people to man the fort!

Our team has therefore grown immensely and will continue to do so as we absolutely love welcoming new people into the Bigfoot team. Everyone has their own individual skills and talents but together, we’re a force to be reckoned with… if we do say so ourselves.

Our new graphic designer, Jodie, has blown us all away with her design skills and creative eye. Despite only being with us for a short time, she has designed a range of websites, banners and more for our clients, who have been hugely impressed. Jodie has also helped Bigfoot out with creating all the designs for our Marketing Expo next year, which we can’t wait to show off!

This year also saw our successful Social Media team grow with the addition of (yet another!) Emily, who joined in February after a successful career in postgraduate marketing and the NHS. Her knowledge and experience has really helped us to grow our services, and we are now able to offer more complex strategies and proposals, along with improved Facebook Advertising tactics.

We’ve also grown our website development team by two as well! We’ve welcomed Adam and Tom into the Bigfoot Team with open arms, and they’ve made fantastic progress on both existing client sites and new builds, impressing us all with their never-ending knowledge of technical words the rest of us don’t understand!

All of our interns also have the chance to show where their interests lie and essentially do what they love on a daily basis. For example, one is a YouTuber in his spare time, so he is helping us to produce some fabulous videos and enter the world of video marketing. The opportunities for members of the team to unleash their creativity are endless… and there’s room for more!

Bigfoot’s brand new services

Graphic Design:

With the addition of new appointments comes the expansion of our services. It’s a really exciting time to be part of Bigfoot Digital. Our traditionally SEO, Social Media and Website Design team have welcomed an entirely new service, Graphic Design.

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in enquiries for a professional design service in the form of illustrations, infographics, guides, brochures, websites, etc. You know the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words?” Well, the same can be said for your marketing. If you’re fed up with cheesy stock photography, off-the-shelf icons and boring same-y fonts, then we can most certainly help you.

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we create flawless websites that will make you stand out online. In case you didn’t know, we’re pretty dominant in the search results ourselves – cheeky self-promo! We understand what it takes to rank a business well in Google and bring in business. The introduction of the Graphic Design service will elevate our offering to ensure our clients’ websites are not only technically optimised but look fantastic to maximise conversion rates.

Most agencies specialise in either SEO, Social Media or Design meaning you have to shop around for what you need and end up paying a fortune. We like to be the exception in this case. Our done-for-you marketing service gives you the option to sculpt out your strategy based on the service(s) that bring you in a return on investment. In other words, we prioritise what will get you results. It’s interchangeable, too. Every month a report will be sent with recommendations to ensure you never miss an opportunity to scale your business.

Funnel Marketing:
If you have a successful website that brings in an impressive conversion rate, do you stop there? Or do you take things to the next level? Of course, you crank things up a notch. We were first introduced to the concept of a sales funnel many years ago. Only recently have we embraced it for our business – and honestly, it’s a game changer.

inbound marketing funnel attract stage

Having designed funnels for Bigfoot Digital, our marketing specialists are now able to offer one-to-one advice to help you set up professional landing pages that capture data, target customers and remarket to them. But first, sign up to Clickfunnels. This platform gives you everything you need to market, sell and scale your business. Got questions? Ask away. We’d be happy to help!

Internal marketing results

The most dominant ranking SEO agency in Yorkshire? Yes, that would be us! It wouldn’t be a success post without a mention of our internal marketing achievements. Unlike many of our competitors, we have an internal marketing department who are responsible for generating enquiries for the business. They do an incredible job, but of course, we are going to say that.

The proof?

Our website traffic has tripled since last year with genuine prospects finding our business on a daily basis. It’s pretty exciting, for sure!

Our focus has been to produce quality on-site content in the form of guides, ebooks, infographics, and sharing that content with clients and followers on social media. That’s not forgetting outreach marketing that helps build awareness and improve rankings. We want to up the value in everything we do.

If we can dominate Google in such a competitive industry, think what we can do for you. This year, it’s the UK. The New Year? The US? Perhaps the world? Watch this space!

B2B Marketing Expo 2019

Bigfoot Digital are incredibly excited to be exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo, the UK’s biggest marketing event in London! We’ll be taking a small team with us (ensuring some of us are still in the office to receive your enquiries, of course) and we’ll be showcasing our amazing business to a whopping 25,000 registered attendees. Did we mention we’re really excited?!

B2B marketing expo

At the expo, we’ll be talking to thousands of people about why we’re the agency to work with, as well as delivering a seminar about a topic yet to be decided. We’re in deep thought about it as we speak, so watch this space! As well as talking, talking and talking a bit more, we’ll be helping visitors of the event understand how to get the most out of what they offer their customers through a digital marketing strategy.

We’ve been preparing for the expo for a few months now and things are going really well! There have been some big team meetings where everyone has contributed their ideas, and we’re really excited to put them into place when March comes around.

As we’re big kids at heart, we’ll be having a little bit of fun too. If you’re attending this year, swing by stand 1465 for some marketing themed games, freebies and maybe win yourself something worthwhile for your business!

So there you have it – our complete list of successes for 2018.

We’ve got a lot planned for 2019 already that we can’t wait to share with you… very soon! If you are looking to push your business forward this year and really stand out from your competition, give us a call on 01226 720 755. We’re happy to help you in any way we can.