Big Update to Twitter brings New Look and Features

On the heels of the ability to upload four pictures per tweet and to tag others in pictures, Twitter has announced more updates that will change the way your page looks and even what you can do with it. All of these changes culminate to create new social media marketing opportunities for you. If you use Twitter, these are changes you don’t want to miss out on.

Fresh Profile Pages

It seems that Twitter is focused on becoming more visual. This makes sense, as images make it easier to capture peoples’ attention and can even help you convey a message. Part of Twitter’s upcoming change is a fresh, new look for the profile page.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bigger profile picture and a bigger cover photo, which will make your profile page more visually interesting and make it easier for you to align your profile with your brand. You’ll also notice that pictures are much larger on the web platform than they were before.

But, the visual changes don’t stop there. Now, your bio, and any links you include, will appear on the left-hand side of your page underneath your profile picture. This space will also include a designated place for a link to your website and the date you joined Twitter.

The new profile page is much more visually appealing, more interesting, draws interest to photos and is easier to brand. With the larger photos you can tell your company’s story and with the link back to your website, you can more easily attract traffic.

Best, Pinned and Filtered Tweets

The second part of this update makes it possible for you to use tweets in entirely new ways. There are three new features pertaining to tweets that allow you to do new things with them and your timeline.

Best Tweets

Your tweets that get the most engagement will now be easier for your audience to find. The tweets that attract the most “likes,” replies and retweets will now appear bigger on your page so they stand out on your timeline.

Pinned Tweets

Have you ever wished that you could keep one of your most important tweets at the top of your feed? Now you can. The new pinned tweets feature allows you to choose one tweet to pin to the top of your feed so that everyone that visits your profile will be sure to see that vital information or key part of your social media marketing campaign.

Filtered Tweets

Now, when people look at your timeline they will be able to filter your posts to see all your tweets, only tweets with pictures or videos or tweets and their replies. This gives your audience a whole new way to explore your content and interact with your brand.

Currently, these features are only available to users who sign up for an account now and a few current users. You can see the list of updated accounts and what they look like on the Twitter blog. All profiles will be updated with these new features in the next few weeks, so be sure to take advantage of them!