Beyond the Testimonials Page: New Ways to Use Reviews on your Site

Using testimonials to highlight your excellent products or services is a powerful way to gain new customers. People like to hear from current customers and others like themselves, and often rely on online testimonials and reviews when they make purchasing decisions. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to a testimonials page when it comes to displaying reviews on your site.

In fact, when you think outside the box and post testimonials in other places throughout your site, your visitors may be more likely to see them and they could even prove to be more influential.

Your Home Page

The first thing many site visitors see is your home page, so take advantage of this and make sure one of the first impressions they get is positive. Testimonials here don’t have to be the focal point. Putting them in headers, sliders, sidebars, footers or even in your home page copy can be a good way to tie them into the rest of your design yet still draw attention to them.

Product Descriptions

Think about how powerful it could be for people who are browsing your products to read what other people have to say about them. At this point, potential customers are ready to make a decision and a good testimonial could persuade them to make a purchase.

You could include some general testimonials on your product page or reviews for specific products. Some businesses also allow customers to leave a product review on their site, which can be an easy way to generate some social proof. This could also be more influential because the reviews are organic, and not handpicked by you.

Blog Sidebars

If you frequently update your blog, it is likely that some site visitors arrive on your site through a blog post, and some may not even visit other pages before they leave. Adding some testimonials to your blog sidebars can make them more visible to those visitors.

These testimonials could be from people who enjoy your content and have benefited from the value you provide or they could be for your business in general. If you are promoting a specific product, you could also include reviews for it here too.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another place where visitors may enter your site and they could be the only thing some people see. If you use social media, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising or search engine optimisation to direct people to landing pages, consider adding some reviews there.

This is another point where people may be making a decision to buy a product, visit another page on your website, or contact you, and using testimonials here could help them decide to act on your calls to action.

Case Studies

Take your case studies to a new level by including some direct quotes as testimonials. Posting case studies on your website can be an effective way to tell people what you can do and illustrate real results. When you add some quotes from your satisfied clients, your case studies can come to life and become a more persuasive tool.

Subscription Forms

Many businesses don’t think to add testimonials to their subscription forms, but this is another area where they can be hugely influential. Testimonials that highlight people who love your newsletters, blog updates, emails with discounts or other subscription service can quell any fears site visitors have about giving you their email address and reassure them that you only send valuable content, not spam.

Adding testimonials strategically throughout your site can help you influence and persuade visitors at different points as they learn about your business, interact with your brand and make purchasing decisions.