Beyond Social Media: Multi-Platform Marketing


Introducing Hub It! from TribalDDB, Singapore.  The world’s first four dimensional, multi platform, interactive marketing campaign.  Encompassing TV, Internet, mobile and tablet technology, this trans-media alternate reality game lead players across various technology platforms and even into the real world searching for clues. I feel like I’ve written a lot, but I haven’t really said much yet.

Taking Internet marketing to a whole new level, “Hub It!” leveraged every platform available to them in order to create a month-long treasure hunt style game in which participants found clues on the Internet, on TV commercials, and even out in the real world.


It all started with an app which introduced users to Sparky, a love-sick pooch with his heart set on a little brown poodle. The mission was to reunite Sparky with his crush. Using augmented reality technology, players could use their Smart phones to find clues across various platforms. It was a truly interactive experience, with rewards along the way worth over $100,000.

And the result?

“Within a week, the mobile app broke into the top ten most downloaded apps on the Apple App Store. Click-through rates via our mobile ads were 22% higher than the average. View count on the StarHub YouTube Channel increased by 500%. Number of fans on the StarHub Facebook page increased by 105%, interactivity on Facebook increased by 315% and the number of comments posted increased by 413%.”

Those are some pretty impressive figures considering this is fairly new territory.

And why am I telling you this?

Ok, so I understand that this is big budget advertising, and it wouldn’t be easy for the smaller firms to replicate; but it does emphasise the importance of good quality content behind your marketing efforts. So how could you implement this interactive focused strategy without the enormous budget?

  • Use ‘check in’ technology from sites such as Facebook, Foursquare or Gowalla to reward your customers for checking in to certain places. This creates a treasure hunt style game that will surely get people talking.


  •  Start a social media based game with your users; like how Kraft started up a childish game of jinx with Twitter users. Whenever two users mentioned Mac and Cheese in a tweet, Kraft would message them both with ‘jinx’; the first to respond won 5 boxes of mac and cheese and a tshirt. The great thing about this is that users didn’t even know they were playing a game.


  • Use Pinterest to pin your way to popularity; host a competition to fill a board with themed pictures. Easter egg themed? The best chocolate board wins. Summer themed? ‘Best ways to keep cool’ board.