Best Website Design: The Benefits Of Investing In Website Design

Boost your online ranking through an effective internet marketing strategy!

With so many website design agencies out there, us being one of them, it can be hard to clearly see what the benefits of investing really are.

In this article, we have brought you all you need to know, supported by all the facts and figures we have up our sleeve. So, if you are still wondering whether investing in website design is worth the money, we are here to reveal the truth (spoiler alert: it definitely is!)

Be sure to portray a professional and authoritative image through the website design you choose as 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on their site, so deciding to invest in exceptional website design really can be the making of your business.

If you have an online presence, you need the best website design to attract custom.

In this day and age, your website is arguably your business’s biggest asset, with customers making snap decisions about your company based on their online experience. Therefore, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy is key.

Google processes around 40,000 search queries every second which translates to an average of over 3 billion searches every day, so investing in the best website design is definitely worth your while to rank above your competitors and convert like crazy.

So, what does this mean for your business?

The best website design increases potential traffic, enquiries and sales so if you do not have an engaging website, you could be missing out on invaluable opportunities to increase your online visibility and engage with more customers.

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we know that responsive website design is an essential part of any effective digital marketing strategy, working hand in hand with SEO.

Sounding a little too confusing?

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Why it is important to invest in the best website design…

Ranking highly on search engines will increase your traffic, but if your website is not designed to absolute perfection, this traffic will be very quick to click off your site and look elsewhere. Studies show that 38% of people will click off a site if it is deemed to be unattractive. However, you can prevent this loss of custom by investing in the best website design, enabling you to convert any increased traffic into a large bank of loyal customers. Having a good website design comes with multifaceted benefits. Here are some of the main reasons why investing in the best website design is essential for the success of your business.

1. Cost effective

The first reason why investing in the best website design is important is because it is cost effective. In today’s world, your website needs to be suitable for many device screens: laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Consequently, investing in a comprehensive website design that can adapt to any viewing platform will save you money in the long run.

Working out costing

2. Leverages SEO

When you search something on Google, the order in which websites appear on the page is based on Google’s complex and ever changing algorithm. Sound mind boggling? Let us do the hard part. With years of experience, our team is trained to keep on top of this algorithm, reading around the subject to keep up to date. A stunning website design is a key part of ruling google rankings and appearing ahead of competitors. The best website design will always incorporate strong link-building, optimised content and striking design to keep you on the top spot, converting traffic into sales.

3. Boosts user experience

When someone visits your site for the first time, you need to maximise the pleasure of their experience. Business studies have revealed that 40% of potential clients will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Factors such as website speed, overall aesthetic and layout all contribute to user experience, so perfecting these factors will ensure you convert clicks to sales and customer retention. It is important to remember to optimise your site not only for search but also for access as this will dramatically improve your ROI.

4. Increase conversion and sales (if done well!)

Creating a consistent user experience across all devices is key to finding new customers. A consistent look and feel, as well as functionality and performance, will ultimately increase sales. This is key to staying ahead of your competitors online, allowing you to reach more prospective clients.

The benefits of a responsive website design for an ecommerce site…

woman in a trolley after shopping online.

Having an effective website design is essential for promoting any business online, but if you run an ecommerce site it is more important than ever. With more and more ecommerce sites popping up, investing in the best website design can be the single most important factor to set your company apart from the rest.

In the good old days customers would splash most of their cash in high street stores, seeing and feeling the product they are about to buy. However, these days things have changed. Online shopping is bigger than ever, meaning you need a website design service that can keep up.

Specialist ecommerce website design can help persuade customers to part with their cash without physically seeing the products you provide. The most effective ecommerce website designs will look beautiful, with coherent designs instilling a firm sense of trust in your services, promoting the authority and reliability of your company.

Without a brilliant website, your ecommerce business is very unlikely to flourish as customers will not be encouraged to invest.

How website design can boost all internet marketing strategies…

The numbers don’t lie. Facts and figures consistently show that having a good website boosts any internet marketing strategy.

Applying a good overall internet marketing strategy maximises your ranking, letting your clients find your site above those of your competitors. However, organic or paid SEO can only get you so far.

Even if your website ranks first on google, without impressive website design, anyone who clicks on your site will soon look elsewhere. On the other hand, even if you have the most beautiful site, if it is not optimised for search engines, potential customers will not be able to find you and you will lose out on business. A successful digital marketing strategy must, therefore, combine SEO with the best website design and content, allowing your site to be found and loved.

Optimise your site with the best website design and reap the benefits!

Looking to make the most of your business? Here, at Bigfoot Digital our team of trained website designers will help you achieve the best results. Creating the best websites design, we will help you generate site traffic and convert that traffic into loyal customers. We really are online marketing nerds, passionate about all things digital!

Knowledgeable about everything web design, from stunning site aesthetics to create content that converts into customers. But we do so much more than just website design. Alongside creating the best website design strategies, we also evaluate your industry for areas in which you can stand out, boosting your SEO and overall success. By combining all of these skills, we will get you to the top, and what’s more, we will help you stay there offering consistent and friendly feedback.

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