What Are The Best SEO Tools?

What Are The Best SEO Tools For Maximising Your Online Presence?

When trying to boost your online presence, using the best SEO tools can make all the difference.

When it comes to maximising your online presence, the tools you use can have a huge impact on your success. From finding keywords to figuring out what your customers are searching for and checking a website’s backlinks, so many SEO tasks take a lot of time, effort and trawling through online resources.

But, what if you could use certain tools to speed thing up? The internet is full of valuable resources that SEO-ers can utilise in order to reach their full potential online.

Don’t fancy searching around for the best SEO tools? We give you the lowdown.

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Answer the Public

Best SEO Tools: Answer The Public Search Cloud

When it comes to choosing the best SEO tools for your business, those that help you out with content creation can save you a huge amount of time. Answer the Public, a free keyword visualisation tool, gives users the opportunity to find interesting and engaging content ideas for blogs or outreach articles.

The best part? The tool merges together the suggested or predicted searches from Google and Bing, meaning it allows businesses to see an overview of what their audience is actually searching for, along with helping target keyword research and optimising for longtail phrases. The results themselves are either visualised in a search cloud diagram or categorised into questions – a list of suggestions sorted into who, what, where, why etc – and prepositions – sorted into can, for, is, with etc. Similarly, further lists of comparisons and alphabetical options are included.

The best SEO tools help marketers to meet the needs of their audience by delivering them valuable information and answers to common questions, and Answer the Public is a perfect example of this.


A full-service SEO tool, Moz is the choice for businesses looking for an all-encompassing platform for their marketing needs. With a range of features, including the ability to explore links and keywords, along with a site’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

The free MozBar toolbar download works as a plugin to Chrome and allows you to view a site’s metrics while on the page or on the SER’s, so marketers can easily trawl Google results to find high-ranking sites for partnerships or outreach opportunities. Similarly, it’s Page Elements tab means that marketers can see metadata and header tags, too.


The ultimate SEO tool for keyword research, Ahrefs allows marketers to gather detailed, insightful information about key words and phrases to use in their campaigns. Not simply reserved for keywords alone, though, it is one of the largest website crawlers and is

Ahref’s Site Audit feature is one of the best SEO tools for analysis and flags any improvements or site issues to ensure optimum rankings. Not only can Ahref’s be used to crawl your own website, but is useful when determining your competitor’s backlinks and rankings along with the most linked to content within your industry. Similarly, marketers can use the Domain Comparison tool for up to 4 competitor sites, allowing for greater visibility for link and outreach opportunity.

Google Analytics

The King of all SEO tools, Google Analytics is a name that even the most inexperienced of marketers will recognise. When assessing how successful a business is, people often talk about how high they’re ranking on Google. So, what makes more sense than using their own Analytics tool to measure these business achievements?

Here’s where Google Analytics really comes into its own:

  • It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, while also letting you compare historic data.
  • It shows you data from all channels – Organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Referrals and Direct Traffic – that are directing traffic to your site, so can adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Offers the chance to download in-depth reports
  • Has the capacity for businesses to filter by visitor segmentation, which pages attract the most traffic and how your visitors locate your site.

Additionally, Google Search Console (also called Google Webmaster) is an extra tool that helps businesses to see how their site looks in the SERP’s and allows businesses to monitor, analyse and fix any issues with their sites. This includes fixing robots.txt and sitemap.xml for the tool itself, a useful feature for any busy SEO executive.


Primarily a backlink analysis tool, Majestic offers businesses a huge range of features that can help to boost a websites SEO.

  • Trust Flow – A measure of how trustworthy a site is, determined by the number of clicks from other, trusted URL’s and Domains.
  • Citation Flow – A metric that shows the number of citations pointing to a certain domain or URL.
  • Topical Trust Flow – A measure, from 1-100 of how close a website ranks to the most the most trusted websites in that particular category, users are shown a list of topics the site ranks for. This is especially useful when conducting backlink and outreach research.
  • Backlink History – this section contains a chart showing the number of external backlinks over time, along with a breakdown of all links.
  • Anchor Text A tab that shows the range of anchor texts used in referring domains or backlinking. This tool is helpful to ensure businesses are using a variety of phrases and terms, along with which topics these keywords primarily fall under.

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