The Best Marketing Tools to Keep Your Marketing Strategy on Track

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the world of online marketing, everyone needs a bit of help. While some types of marketing tools can cost the earth, others are free and, with hundreds available online, all claiming to be a ‘one stop shop for all your digital needs’ it can often be overwhelming when trying to choose the ‘right one.’ Since subscriptions can easily add up and become quite costly, selecting the correct tool for your needs is crucial and can help your brand to skyrocket, keep your marketing and running costs down and even helping you to overcome your competitors.

We’ve whittled down the list of marketing tools to the most beneficial, to help you drive traffic to your site and boost your business. 

Marketing Tool: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great tool for checking backlinks and for general SEO. Their index is bigger and updates faster than the majority of similar tools out there, and it’s very easy to look at backlinks, both on your own and on competitors sites, and broken backlinks that you may be able to utilise.  However, while most SEO marketers know of it only as a backlink tool, it has many other uses too. We use Ahrefs for keyword ranking research – it also highlights the top sites and associated keywords based on referring domains. You can add your company URL onto Ahref’s dashboard to keep a constant snapshot of the health of your site and domain, as well as take a further look at the domain authority of any site. It’s a great tool for those who want to pay one subscription and use the tool for a multitude of uses.

Cost: $179 per month for 1,000 keywords every 3 days

Sendible is a social media planning tool, that can be used to easily schedule posts on a range of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. It takes a little getting used to, however, it’s great for those who work for businesses where multiple people post on a few social media channels. Sendible has a simple to use dashboard, on which you can see all scheduled tweets, to ensure there are no repetitive posts. Additionally, Sendible’s homepage shows all engagement with any social media posts that have come from your account, which is great for tracking customer satisfaction and how well you’re connecting with your customers. You can add multiple accounts on every social media platform and pages, meaning you can see who’s posting what and when making it perfect for those wanting to keep tabs on a large staff.

Cost: $149 per month for small teams and lite features

Marketing Tool: Sendible
Marketing Tool: Buffer

If you’re looking for a less complicated tool for social media scheduling and posts, then Buffer is the one for you. While there are paid plans, if you’re just starting out, or are a small brand looking for something quick and easy to use, then the free plan is perfect for you.  Buffer is a much more simplified version of Sendible, it comes with less of the technical features, yet still enables you to pre-schedule posts. Buffer is also available in app form on both iOS and Andriod operating systems, meaning it’s perfect for those who are always on the go. Its dashboard is uncluttered and even has an analytics section whereby users can take a look at their reach and engagement. Buffer uses have access to Pablo – a free image creating tool that is quick and easy to use, and can easily be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

Cost: Free! (Paid plans are also available)

Moz is a simple tool that is great for all-round SEO and digital marketing. It covers content and technical SEO as well as off-site techniques. The MozBar is a great little add-on which can be downloaded directly to your browser and used to check the DA, or Domain Authority, of sites. This is a great way to check the credibility of sites when creating backlinks, or when researching sites for outreach or guest content.

Moz Bar

Cost: $149 per month for 750 keywords and more

Marketing Tool: Moz

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