Best Infographics: How To Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing

We are all bombarded with information everyday… walking down the street, watching TV and especially when mindlessly scrolling through our phones. This information overload has forced people to become more and more selective about the information that they take the time out of their busy lives to stop and acknowledge.

Infographics provide a fun solution to the difficult challenge of grabbing (and holding) people’s’ attention. If you had a colourful image and plain text put side by side in front of you, there would be no question about which your eye would be drawn to. It therefore almost goes without saying that infographics are a digital marketing trend worth taking part in…

Hang on, what are infographics?

Infographics combine graphics with text, adding an attractive element to what is probably mostly boring information. When you consider the fact that 90% of the information our brains receive is visual, it’s really no wonder they are so popular…

example of a best infographic

Why should you use infographics?

Easy to scan

The visual nature of the best infographics allows the information you want to get across to be received by customers easily, as charts can be used alongside compelling text. Important figures can be highlighted using visual cues like contrasting colours or fonts etc. Although infographics are limited with the amount of information they can include, readers are provided with the most important and can decide for themselves to visit your website and find out more, which they are likely to do according to recent web traffic statistics around infographics.


Infographics allow what could be dull information to be presented in eye-catching and unique designs which can be tailored to the content. If information looks interesting at first glance it is far more likely that a potential customer will stick around and process it.

Viral potential

Due to infographics being in image format, they are easily shareable. This raises their potential to be reposted online through social media and reach far more potential customers. One of your best infographics may even go viral if it’s snazzy enough!

Brand awareness

Leading on from their virality… infographics are a great way to raise your brand’s profile due to their shareability. It is important to include your company name and logo clearly on your infographic so people can visit your site once they have digested the information. They will then more likely use your services!

Website traffic and SEO benefits

Another big positive that can come out of using cleverly designed infographics is that the increased traffic to your website will likely benefit your search engine optimisation (SEO) and push your website up the rankings. If people are interested and intrigued by the information in your infographic the likelihood that they will want to see more is of course going to be much higher.

Portable and embeddable

Infographics are super transferable, and all have an embed code so if they are uploaded to other websites they will automatically have a direct link to your own website; meaning more traffic to your website and even better – completely free marketing!

What should an infographic include?

Think of an infographic as telling a story, you need a structure and elements to the tale you’re telling (or selling). Some of these elements will be highlighted here for you.

Easy on the eye

One of these elements is visual style and flow, if the colours clash or aren’t easy on the eye, it is less likely that a potential customer will read the whole thing.

A tip is to make sure to use a colour palette and a style guide, so the information is presented consistently and can be absorbed with ease. If it feels like a chore to read, it won’t be read and will definitely not go down in history as one of the best infographics.

If you’ve got a creative head on, why not design your companies own typography palette? A novelty mixture of typefaces that mesh well together could increase your brand awareness even more if people begin to recognise your company as having its own style.

To put it simply, make sure it looks pretty.


Although the best infographics are a successful example of free digital marketing for your company or service, it is important not to try and cram TOO much information on them. If it looks overwhelming from first glance, people are not going to want to attempt to digest your information. Putting spaces in certain places can also help to highlight and put emphasis on the main information you’re trying to get across.

Always conclude

Despite infographics definitely not being as hard to create as they look, you don’t want to waste your time – make sure it has a purpose and a final round-up so people know exactly what you are offering and what they should do after reading. Make sure your brand and logo are obvious, include an embed code to send people straight over to your site and remind people to share, share and share some more.

Businessman creating best infographic

They look tricky to create… are they?

Do not fret, along with the rise in popularity of infographics as a marketing method, there are now a hefty number of tools and even apps for putting them together. It may look like you would need a creative eye, but these tools allow even a complete novice to whip up something eye-catching. Here are some that you could give a try…


Visme is an online tool designed specifically for creating fun, colourful and engaging infographics. The tool is free to use (unless you want even more of their features) with more than 100 different fonts, images, and even the option to include animations.


If you think you might need something even more basic so you aren’t spending all day getting frustrated, Snappa is aimed at non-designers with a simple drag in and drag out system. It also lets you create five for free each month, so you can’t really go wrong.


Canva is a less specific tool, so you don’t have to stick to infographics, but the free infographic maker has a huge amount of features to use. If you are one of the tech-savvy people who prefer working off a phone or tablet, you can download the app and add to your designs on-the-go to make sure it really is the best infographic you can do.


Another free tool which would be a good one if you have statistics or rich data to display is Infogram. Mostly free like the others, you can use graphs alongside images and text. You can then embed it on your website or share on social media for some free brand awareness.

Want to make sure you create some of the best infographics around?

So there we have it. Hopefully, this post has spurred you on to go off, get creative and make the most of this free and effective digital marketing method. If not, you’re missing out. Here at Bigfoot Digital, we would love to help and advise you on the role of infographics and any other questions you may have regarding your companies digital marketing strategies. Drop us a call on 01226 720 755 or send your questions to