Best Free Website Audit Tool

Best Free Website Audit

Our best free website audit tool will analyse your site and give you feedback in 15 seconds

You can spend endless hours every week pouring over your website analytics, to see if people are converting, and if not why not? There are many ways to approach effective search engine optimisation. But with so many options, where do you start? We are continuously looking for free website audit tools and resources that will make our jobs easier and save money in the process. After analysing hundreds of tools online, we decided to utilise the one that has proven the most successful for our clients. The best free website audit tool is right here, at your fingertips, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Free SEO Audit Tool

We have listed everything you can achieve using the best free website audit tool making it easier for you to rank your business higher in the search engine results.

  • Simple, step-by-step guide to fix problems.
  • SEO competitor comparison.
  • Comprehensive advice to improve your rankings.
  • Additional support from our talented team.

Everything you need to rank in one place.

Conducting an SEO audit may seem like a tedious exercise. There are so many elements to consider; you’ll be left with an endless list of tools, tracking and data you need to check before actions can be put in place. As SEO’s this process comes naturally, but for most people, this can take several hours to complete. Our website audit tool checks the complete health your site in one place. All results are grouped into categories to cover issues found on site, good signals and ways to improve. In addition to this, the audit tool will check for problems like duplicate content, broken links, and page speed for improved rankings.

Receive technical SEO improvements

When it comes to technical SEO, things can get complicated. Do you understand the difference between SEO and ‘technical’ SEO? Search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website found online. Technical SEO is the website optimisation that goes on behind the scenes. Basically, if done successfully, it builds a strong foundation for which your business can thrive online. If you would like to hear more about technical improvements found in our free website audit, read on:

PageSpeed. Does your website fail to engage with visitors? If so, you may need to speed up your site. Google has announced this is a ranking factor. It will also help retain website visitors for longer. Win, win – right?.

Content Indexing. We’ll check your site for indexed pages. This will include cart completions, login and thank you pages – these pages do not accurately reflect the quality of your on-site content. Our best free website audit tool will identify all unwanted indexed pages.

Duplicate Content. All content should on unique and of the best quality possible. No page should be an exact copy of another. Google likes to see original content and will reward you for this with higher rankings.

Mobile Responsiveness. Is your website optimised for mobile search? If not, why not? To capture maximum website visitors, you should deliver the same user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Our best website audit tool will help you do just that with simple, quick-fix actions.

These are some, of the many, technical SEO improvements that can be made to your website for the best rankings online. At Bigfoot Digital, we also offer an in-depth technical SEO audit that delves into your site to uncover issues that may be preventing you from ranking. You’ll have access to some of the most technical minds in the industry who will personally talk to through every aspect of your audit and how to resolve the issues.

Get to know your competitors

How does your website stack up against the competition? Are you appearing above them in the search engine results for high-volume keywords? Our audit tool has all the answers with a detailed overview of what you can do to improve – and outrank them! The traffic share for the first position on Google is an impressive 30% with second place coming in at 15% and then dropping to 9% at the third position. The higher your position in the search engine results, the more visitors you will get. It really is that simple. The benefit of using our best free website audit tool? You will gain insights into your competition in seconds. No need to delve into their data yourself – all the hard work is done for you.

Get better backlinks for your business.

There are over 200 ranking factors that determine where you appear in the search engine results. The authority, relevance and quality of your backlinks are above all the most influential. A link pointing from one site back to yours is considered a powerful recommendation. It’s a way of saying “these guys are great, we trust them above others.” Google likes to see a strong backlink profile complete with relevant websites that are recognised in your industry. We’ll provide you with a detailed report, including the power of your backlinks and where to locate new ones.

Simple steps to social media success.

It’s not all about search engine optimisation when it comes to increased visibility. Social media marketing allows you to engage with your customers directly. Your customers and competitors are on social media. Our website audit helps you establish who your audiences are, and where to find them. One of the most crucial elements when it comes to audience engagement is social media sharing. Having these sharing buttons on your website is going to elevate your content and increase your brand visibility.

How do I get my results from the best free website audit tool?

Our best free website audit tool is simple. Enter your website URL, email address and focus keyword to receive your report. The report is yours to share with anyone you wish. There’s no obligation to work with Bigfoot Digital. We are, however, only a phone call away if you have any questions about your results. That’s what makes ours the best free website audit in the business. We don’t hand it over and leave you to manage the actions alone. It’s a complete service which includes access to our talented team of SEO experts. Follow the link to claim your free SEO audit today.