A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining Blog Readers

Image courtesy of Pabak Sarkar/Flickr.

Your blog is all set up, looks great and you are posting to it regularly. Now what? The natural next step is to start driving traffic to your posts. More traffic to your blog can lead to more sales, greater brand awareness, loyal customers and other benefits.

With so many blogs out there, it’s a competitive world when it comes to increasing traffic. You need to take some specific steps and adopt some promotional habits to start growing your readership.

Make your Posts Something Special

Before you can create a steady stream of traffic, your posts have to be something people want to read. Each post should be well-written, high quality, formatted professionally and include relevant images. They should also be interesting and helpful to your readers. Define your target audience and then create content that would appeal to these people.

Optimise Each Post

Use keywords and meta descriptions and tags to optimise each of your posts. This will increase the likelihood that your posts will appear in relevant search results, which can help new readers find your blog. You can also make sure your entire site is optimised, build links to your posts and use other SEO tactics to increase organic traffic.

Build a Social Media Community

Social media is a great promotional tool that can help you find new readers and promote your posts as you update your blog. Open accounts on the sites your audience is likely to use, connect with others and share your content. Remember that you will get more out of social media if you use it to interact with people, not just to push out your own content.

Be a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging can help you build links back to your blog and expose your site to new audiences. Approach other bloggers in similar niches and offer to write a post that would be relevant to their readers and that still fits in with your area of expertise. This one tip can help you tap into new audiences and promote your blog among people who are interested in what you post about.

Reward Loyal Readers

Offer incentives to encourage people to keep coming back to your blog. Posting regularly and offering excellent content is a good way to start, but you can take this strategy up a notch by doing giveaways, offering freebies and giving discounts to email subscribers. Find ways to keep your readers excited and interested enough in your blog to keep coming back.

Use Analytics to Get to Know your Readers

When you have been blogging for a little while, you can use analytics tools to find out how well your blog is performing. Look closely at the posts that bring in the most traffic, get the most comments, are shared more often or that get the most clicks on social media. This can tell you what kind of content is most interesting to your readers so you can continue to offer similar posts.

Interact with your Readers

Don’t just post content and ignore your readers! Respond to comments to show people you are listening and are interested in their opinions. This can also help you form a community of readers and even get ideas for future posts. Bloggers who are involved with their audiences usually gain larger followings.

Building a blog readership takes time, but these tips can help you start increasing traffic to your blog posts so they will become more useful marketing tools.