5 Barber Shop Marketing Tips For Online Success!

If there was ever a business reminiscent of the good old days, then it’s the local barber shop. It’s culture and nostalgia that made the humble barber shop the perfect place for male bonding. Men simply recognised this as the go-to place for a chop and chat with friends. This was enough to bring in customers. But, times have changed. Today there is a much greater cause for barber shop marketing with many businesses competing with salons in the same location.

To reach a much greater audience and stand out against modern-day salons, new companies need a robust barbershop marketing strategy. In today’s post we share the best barber marketing tips your business needs to come out on top.

Barber Shop Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

The online marketing space is full of opportunities for your business. Not only can you establish an online presence and promote your business, but you can also optimise your website. This activity, if done right, will position you at the top of the Google search results. And, keep you there.

Barber Shop Marketing Tip 1: Responsive Website Design:

First up, you need a responsive website design. Think of your website as a gateway into your barbers shop. What do people see when they look through your window? A professional business, opening times, pricing and exceptional visual appeal. The same message should be communicated when visiting your website online.

In most cases, this will be the first point of contact with your customers. You need it to be enticing and persuasive. Much of this is to do with visual content. For example, images of different hairstyles. When designing a site we strongly consider user experience. What do your customers want to see? New clients will be comparison shopping. List your prices, and make sure you are clear on the level of service you are providing. What makes you unique, and why should people choose you? Your website is your chance to show off.

Having a responsive website design is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. More than half of searches now come from a mobile. If your website doesn’t look great on mobile, then people will look elsewhere. And there’s more; mobile site optimisation is now a major ranking factor. See our website design services for more information.

Barber Shop Marketing Tip 2: Master Social Media Marketing

Barber Shop Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential barber shop marketing strategy. It lends itself perfectly to the industry as it’s such a visual medium. First, take advantage of the social media channels available to you by sharing popular hairstyles and happy customers – Instagram works perfectly for this.

You can also encourage return customers with social media marketing. Ask customers to share their hairstyles on social media with a unique or branded hashtag. The selfie culture lends itself perfectly to this barber shop marketing strategy. You can even offer discounts or free cuts in exchange for social media posts. Test different competitions and offer discounts for customer referrals. Sounds simple, but it’s effective.

Monitor the success of your social media efforts. Track everything to see which posts get the most engagement. Don’t leave anything to chance. Use Google Analytics to identify which posts drive the most website traffic, Facebook Advertising for paid results and Social Media Insights for everything in between.

Barber Shop Marketing Tip 3: SEO for your Barber Shop

There is one barber marketing plan that is essential for your business: local SEO. There are three main ways to dominate for your local area:

1) The first step is setting up a Google My Business (GMB) listing for your barber shop. This is a free listing that can be used to optimise your business for local listings. You can collect positive customer reviews, optimise your listing with keywords and include branded images.

2) The second consideration is optimising your organic Google listings. These are also optimised listings that allow you to be found first by potential customers. Getting your website to rank above all others will ensure you are seen by more people and get the exposure your website needs to generate sales. Optimising your landing pages for keywords, content marketing and link building is all a part of this marketing strategy.

3) PPC advertising, as the name suggests, does come at a cost. If you’re smart, and target the right people, then you can be incredibly successful. The main advantage of this is that you are positioned at the top of Google and have complete control of the ad content and landing page.

Barber Shop Marketing Tip 4: Ignore Black Hat SEO

Don’t want Google to give your business the chop? (nudge, nudge) The solution is to follow Google’s best practices. Some SEO’s climb the rankings using spammy techniques. This may appear to work, at first. But Google is intelligent, and you will be found out. You’ll experience a penalty, resulting in a significant drop in rankings which can be next to impossible to recover from. Read all about black hat SEO is our recent post.

Barber Shop Marketing Tip 5: Generate Positive Reviews

In today’s online world, advertising is not everything. It’s what your customers say about you that counts. Every haircut you give will help with your marketing (providing your customers are satisfied.) If someone looks you up on Google, they will check to see if you are reliable. You can do the following to manage your Google reviews:

The first step is to ask happy customers for a positive review on Google. You have the unique opportunity in your industry to build relationships with customers. It’s simple, but often overlooked. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to do this for you – after all, it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Next up is to respond to any negative reviews to reassure people that you are taking steps to improve your level of service. If it’s a legitimate complaint, reach out directly to rectify things. Most people will change their opinion when they see you respect their feedback.

Don’t let these comments bring you down. Some people use the anonymity of the internet (mainly competitors) to leave negative reviews. It’s always going to happen, so try to rise above it and do your best to offer a positive customer experience at all times.

Marketing a Barber Shop with help from Bigfoot Digital!

We understand that marketing a barber shop is hard work. You’ll spend the majority of your time running a business. There’s no time left to market your company. Bigfoot Digital can help with that. We can manage your entire barber marketing strategy so that you don’t have to. You’ll have time to focus on what you love about your business, and we can bring in the customers. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what our clients have to say.

If you are looking for a barber marketing plan that will help give your business a boost online, then you have come to the right place. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on 01226 720 755 to see what we can do for your business.